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Kid’s ATV sales soar during holiday season at ScooterMadness.com

Parents looking to develop a lifelong love of motorsport in their children’s lives often start with a kid-size ATV under the Christmas tree – or wherever it will fit!

Kids’ ATVs have 4 wheels for stability, large air filled tires and front suspension for a soft ride, speed limiters and hydraulic disc brakes for safety which make them the perfect choice for small children wishing to ride alongside older family members.

This year in particular, sales have increased ten-fold over last year on ScooterMadness.com as this children’s sporting activity surges in popularity.

Many parents treasure fond memories from their childhood as they rode through the hills, streams (and even snow!) with their parents or siblings on ATVs. Back then, selection was limited and costs were high. Now, kids ATVs are available starting at just $599.99 from ScooterMadness.com during the holiday sale period.

“One of my favorite things to do with my son is riding our ATVs. And unexpectedly, he loves maintaining them,” said Phil Segal, owner of ScooterMadness.com. “He’s asking questions such as how far he can go on a single tank of gas and how often the chain needs lubrication (after helping me once). He really seems to love the total ownership experience.”

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ScooterMadness.com offers power sports equipment such as moped scooters, pit bikes and kid’s ATVs at the best possible prices with exceptional customer service.