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Joseph Jeremiah Launches Jeremiah Evangelistic Ministries

PRESS RELEASE: Minneola. FL (12/2/2013)- Joseph Jeremiah has launched JeremiahEvangelisticMinistries.org a website containing many interesting and relevant subjects for our times and suitable for everyone.

Jeremiah Evangelistic Ministries presents a mission statement and denominational affiliation on its site, and presents a number of important subjects for your consideration and for sharing with your friends.

Jeremiah Evangelistic Ministries can help anyone find solutions to the problems we face day by day.

Jeremiah Evangelistic Ministries presents a statement of Beliefs thats include, the Triune God, the Person and work of Christ, the way of approach to a Holy God, and the joy and satisfaction that can be found in Christ.

Jeremiah Evangelistic Ministries also includes two books for your purchase through many outlets.

The Autobiography of Evangelist Joseph Jeremiah

A book with the life story of one born of Christian parents on the Island of Grenada W I , born again at the age of 21 his journey by faith through the Grace of God.

From the book – “A life as a non-Christian and a life as a Christian, they might be asking, what is there in the Christian life for me? I believe I have the answer, all things that pertaineth to life and godliness and that of a lasting nature unto the eternity which lies ahead”

Your Life Now and Beyond

A walk through life with tips to parents for raising up their children, School days, young adults and work experiences, choosing a partner and family life unto the time when we shall leave this world to the eternity that lies ahead etc.

These can be found at Xulon Press.com, Amazon.com, Barnes and Noble,Tate Publishing Enterprizes.com, and many stores, on shelves or online shopping. wholesale or retail. You would not be disappointed after looking at these

Bro Joe, as is affectionately called, has 50 years of experience in ministry and has traveled to many countries with the gospel of Jesus Christ , such places as the Caribbean Islands, the U S Virgin Islands, 31 States and Washington D C in the U S, Canada, Guyana S A, England, Scotland and Africa. 

Bro Joe now feels called to share those experiences with families everywhere

Contact Information:

Jeremiah Evangelistic Ministries
P.O. Box 68
Minneola, FL 34755