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Iran Nuke deal, Noble Peace Prize for Secretary Kerry and Mohammed Sharif-Indian Overseas Congress

Seattle WA. Lisa Peterson. Iran Nuclear deal has set the agenda of new process to restore confidence, among the West and Iran, including a more stable Mid-East. Non Resident Indians, hailed President Obama, in his vision of Asia and restoring Iran’s Independence and respect for Nuclear Energy, among desperate attempts by Israel, showing its weakness and discrimination against the Peace process.

India Association, President Sunil Sinha , Washington, while Welcoming Indian Overseas Congress, Executive to garner NRI-Moral support for State Elections, in India, including New Delhi, endorsed the steps taken by Secretary John Kerry and his Allies to bring Iran, to the negotiation table and balance the Mid East.

IOC President Vikram Bajwa, in his remarks requested President Obama and Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh to recommend Secretary John Kerry and Iran Foreign Minister Mohammed Sharif, for 2014 Noble Peace Prize, so the process of Peace is established in Mid East.

India being a Nuclear Power and in the process of enhancing Nuclear Energy, will definitely establish strong business relations with Iran, which could also deter Pakistan against India, said Ajay Malhotra, Secretary of NRI’s of Washington.