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Investors Needed for Startup: Charron’s Chatter Gazette. A Non News Newspaper to Lighten the Load.

Wednesdays. A special day for camels everywhere, there isn’t much to celebrate beyond beginning that weekend to-do list, contemplate the day’s spelling versus pronounciation, & dust off your dancing duds early. There wasn’t much to celebrate until recently, that is. Since the latest edition of Charron’s Chatter Gazette hits newstands on Wednesdays, too, there’s plenty reason to kick up your heels, now. Soon to be a global holiday, & commemorated on collectible dinnerware nationally, let’s learn more about the fascinating addition to the news world that is Charron’s Chatter Gazette.

Well, maybe not the news world so much. A “non-news” newspaper, Charron’s Chatter Gazette is more leaflet than multi-page volume at this infancy stage, but if it eats its spinach, there’s every reason to believe the light-hearted Gazette will grow Popeye leafy. Stuffed with wordplays & non-sequiturs, brainteasers & riddles, one-of-a-kind trivia, puzzles, and “soft” news, the Gazette mixes just the right amount of intelligence and irreverence to get your grey matter moving & grooving in the A.M.

Want to do a word jumble? Charron’s Chatter Gazette has that. How about word associations? The Gazette has more Whoppers than the BK Lounge. Need a little something deeper to read? The featured op-ed stands in for chunks of text, nicely, thank you very much, and while informational, is guaranteed not to dampen your spirits or your money back.

If it cost its readers any money, it would. An entirely free publication available online & in vending machines around Santa Barbara County, creator & entrepeneur Karen Robiscoe hopes to make her paper self-sustaining in a variety of ways. The first being to tell the Gazette the meaning of life, of course, have “the Talk”, you know, but besides that. She intends to approach local businesses in her area and sell them ad space in the Gazette to pay for overhead and distribution costs. Addtionally, Ms. Robiscoe has launched a Kickstarter Campaign to help fund her project, and that’s where you come in, dear reader, art lover, philanthropist and (quite possibly) frequent flyer.

This article is a blatant attempt to seduce you into reading the Gazette–and, in turn—spreading the news about its non-news. The modest sum needed to help fund this worthwhile endeavor might mean skipping a latte or 2, but just think! You’d have something to read while you yearned for that cuppa! Something light-hearted and clever, and altogether as stimulating as caffeine.

To sum it up, Charron’s Chatter Gazette needs some sums, and is ready to reward the givers of such with a slew of online goodies. Everything from lifetime links, to in-depth interviews, to customized cartoon avatars, there is plenty of “swag” for the donor to Charron’s Chatter. Please click the Kickstarter link at the bottom of this post to watch its introductory video, meet  the creator: Karen Robiscoe, and review a delightful sampling of the Gazette’s offerings.

Kickstarter Campaign

Media Contact:

Karen Robiscoe

Charron’s Chatter dot com

805 452 6904