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Improv 4 Kids tours K-12 Schools spreading message of Creativity, Community and Leadership

Since 2002, Improv 4 Kids has been entertaining K-12/family audiences with public shows in Times Square and touring Nationwide to schools, camps, non-profits and family events. But now more than ever, with the growing need for Anti-Bully programming, the cast is focusing on three important ingredients – Creativity, Community, Leadership – to build character and help prepare students for a future in numerous fields and life.

With the growing pressure of “Test Taking” teaching programs in New York schools and beyond, Improv 4 Kids brings an important message of Creativity. In both shows and workshops, and with the help of study guides Improv 4 Kids shows students how to think – and write – outside the box. Improv is story telling. Improv 4 Kids makes learning how to think and write creatively fun. Shows, workshops, residencies and study guides help bring characters, environments and actions to life. Now instead of analyzing classics with the same old dreary methods, the students are creating new works of their own. 
Good improv requires a TEAM of players working together to create original music, comedy and theater. Improv 4 Kids hits home with the Anti Bully message so important in schools today. By overcoming communication barriers, listening to each other and working as a team a school – like an Improv team – can over come any obstacle.
The cast furthers the Anti Bully message by creating great leaders. Teaching public speaking, self confidence, focus and eye contact brings the best out of every student. We give students the strength to not become victims and the courage to help out friends and ask for help when they need it. 
The message is clear. Make Big Choice. Speak with Big Voices. Don’t fear making mistakes.  Make big mistakes and learn from them. When you don’t fear failure, you take chances and most often discover amazing things about yourself and others.
Eight Is Never Enough performs same program for grades K-12 (Known as Improv 4 Kids for grades K-8), and even college and corporate clients nationwide.  Public shows and classes are held at the LMAO COMEDY THEATER (at the Broadway Comedy Club, 318 West 53rd ST, New York, NY 10019). Shows, workshops and residencies are now being offered regularly in New York, Philadelphia, Boston, Baltimore and Washington DC area schools, camps, non-profits and family events. The troupe has recently begun to expand farther west and south with shows and programs in Ohio, Wisconsin, Nebraska and North Carolina. 
Learn more about these and other programs, as well as tickets to public shows and classes in NYC at www.eightimprov.biz