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IAPMS: A New Secure Web-based Data Driven Application in Support of Information / Data Governance‎ Operations

Information Reporting Solutions, Inc. (Henderson, Nevada) announces the Information Asset Portfolio Management System (IAPMS), a new web-based data driven application in support of Information / Data Governance‎ operations.

Financial services, government, energy, education, utilities, healthcare and pharmaceutical companies have significant needs to manage their information assets for regulatory and litigation purposes.

IAPMS Supports Critical Elements for Data Governance and Management

•    Integration of a centralized repository of all Information Assets and Responsibilities

•    Provides for ability to index, find and search for Information Assets

•    Implements Auto-Classification and Information Categorizations

•    Monitors Information Assurance and Privacy

IAPMS is positioned at the business / organizational unit level that provides the business the ability to inventory and understand critical information that allows business units to document information asset usages, information asset storage, organizational unit access authorizations and periodic certification for a 360 view of available business information assets. IAPMS also records and manages information asset ownership, stewardship and custodian roles.

IAPMS Information assets are classified as to impact, if became public or accessed by unauthorized organizations or personnel. Scheduled periodic review and certification of information assets are included that work hand and hand with data governance and auditing initiatives.

IAPMS supports HIPAA, FISMA and PCI compliance for information asset identification, classification and usage.

IAPMS is implemented within a secure cloud based solution requiring no support on your part.

For more information, go to http://www.iapms.com.