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Hypnosis of Portland is now Open to Public in Oregon

   By Jessica Attwood
   February 6, 2014

LIGHTNING RELEASES: Portland OR (3/4/2024)- Hypnosis of Portland, a Wellness Center, focused on Hypnotherapy Services, previously known as “A Happier You Hypnosis Company” in Southern California, is now open in Portland Oregon. After 14 years of successful practice, providing hypnosis services and self-improvement workshops / retreats, Hypnosis of Portland will continue its mission in providing various top-rated Holistic & Hypnosis Services and Alternative Healing Services in Portland, Oregon. In addition to Hypnotherapy Sessions, Hypnosis of Portland, will also offer Life Coaching, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), Law of Attraction workshops. All sessions will be provided in office and also by telephone, for clients who are unable to travel and prefer to do the sessions from home. 

About Hypnosis of Portland
Hypnosis of Portland was founded in 1999 in Santa Barbara CA , and it is owned by Annalena Gulliksson-Cavallo, Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, M.A., Certified NLP. The company’s goal is to keep on offering excellent hypnotherapy services for Weight Loss, Stop Smoking, Relationships Blocks, Self Esteem, Self Sabotage, Procrastination, in conjunction with other additional wellness services: such as Energy Medicine Healing, for emotional and long-lasting health issues, and Life Coaching with Law of Attraction Sessions and events -with the mission of empowering others, and as self empowerment /self healing tools, to be used by anyone who desires to make permanent positive changes, and easily and quickly, reach the desired results, and improve their life’ standard and well being.

For more information, please visit http://www.hypnosis-portland.com

To learn more about this opening, please contact Annalena G. Cavallo, Owner/Founder
Portland OR, 97223 Office: (503) 939-9886; hypnosis-portland@live.com