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Husband Wife Team Writes Book to Help Strengthen Intimate Connections for Other Pain Patients in Similar Situations

Real Love and Good Sex for Pain Patients and Their Partners

Ken and Barby, Pain Care Advocates Help Strengthen Intimate Connections for Others in Similar Situations

LIGHTNING RELEASES (2/13/2014) – Barby Ingle-Taylor, Author of the Amazon bestselling nonfiction book RSD In Me; A Patient And Caregivers Guide To Living With RSD And Other Chronic Pain Conditions joined with her husband and coauthor, Ken Taylor to help show the importance of a strong loving connection and sexual relationship for couples affected by a chronic pain condition. 20% of the 2014 profits from his book are being donated to the pain awareness and advocacy charity Power of Pain Foundation. This is a 501(C)(3) charity close to their hearts as both serve as board members of the foundation.

Ken and Barby have also committed to funding a patient to receive a full infusion treatment for one year at Freedom Pain Hospital if Real Love and Good Sex for Pain Patients and Their Partners sells more than 100,000 copies. A value of over $50,000 giving a low income underinsured pain patient a chance at life in remission. This is the same treatment that put Barby into remission. 

This book came about because Ken and Barby were asked to film a Valentine’s Day segment on CBS for The Doctors TV show in 2013. They quickly realized that they had some valuable insight to making a relationship work even when one of the partners is disabled. What came from that TV segment, and talking to couples after it aired who are also going through similar situations was unexpected. Ken and Barby decided to put their learned wisdom on the subject into a book to help other couples in similar situations who are struggling with love an intimacy. The book includes romantic tools including the understanding of the 5 stages of a relationship and 4 stages of intimacy.

“This is a must read for all those experiencing chronic pain in relationships. The authors help keep love alive through sexuality, sensuality, tolerance, understanding and much more” Twinkle VanFleet, Pain Patient, Sacramento, CA

In this book Ken and Barby wrote together you will find useful information that can be applied to your own relationships to help you to create a real love that is lasting through the challenges of living with a chronic illness. This book Real Love and Good Sex for Pain Patients and Their Partners is based on their journey together over the past 10 years. This book is available for purchase online on Amazon, in bookstores, and at www.barbyingle.com