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Continuing Education Courses for Human Resources Professionals

Human resources (HR) or human resource management (HRM) as it is sometimes called is somewhat of a vague term that does not exactly mean the same thing to everyone. Human resources is a modern management term that got its start in the early 1960s. At this time human rights began to take on more importance. The origins of human resources can be found in organizations that introduced into the workplace the principles of scientific management and welfare management.

Human resource management can be defined as “the strategic and coherent approach to the management of an organization’s most valued assets, its people.” That is what human resources is all about, doing what is best for the people. It can also be thought of as the “function within an organization that focuses on recruitment, management and the direction of the workers in the company.” It is the HR department of a company that defines and communicates the authorities and responsibilities of each individual who is employed there. The introduction of human resource management has largely pushed out the need for personnel managers.

Not every company calls its human resources the exact same thing or defines it in the exact same way. The whole idea is to get people working together to achieve the objectives of the business. HRM is sometimes referred to as personnel management or employee relations. There is an art and a science to this field of work. In order to manage people you need to know how to communicate effectively and you need to be able to come up with creative and innovative approaches and solutions. There is also a theory behind HRM which requires precision, clarity and a rigorous application.

If you work in the human resources department of an organization then continuing education is a must. Online continuing education courses for human resources can be a smart and time savvy way to learn. The ERI Distance Learning Center offers continuing education (CE) courses to those who wish to participate in web-based education. These online HR courses are free to take although the cost to take the examination is $49.

The options for courses at this website are many. All of the courses are broken down into categories. These categories include foundation courses, salary administration, incentive compensation, executive compensation, special topics, litigation challenges, tax issues and planning, relocation planning, employee benefit programs, and courses for the employee.

Another place to look for online continuing education courses for human resources is the Human Resource Certification Institute. By taking CE courses and then the certification exams you are then able to re-certify your credentials every three years. By so doing you broaden the knowledge and skills you have in the field and you make yourself even more valuable to the business that you work for.

The message it sends is that you are committed to the profession and to the company as a whole. Attending workshops and conferences can also help you to earn the CE credits you require. You must accumulate 60 credit hours of human resource related continuing education activities before you are eligible to re-certify. Take a look today and see what online continuing education courses await you and can help move your career forward!