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Houston’s Homegrown Terror


Strategic  Book Publishing, (2014), Houston.

By, Peter Alan Olsson

LIGHTNING RELEASES (3/21/2014) – Two horrific bombs explode at St.John’s high school in Houston. Students, faculty and staff are killed and injured, and many have symptoms of post traumatic stress disorder. Parents at St. John’s and other schools as well as the whole Houston community are angry and fearful. Detective Mark Lane is on the scene immediately and he calls on his friends and investigation colleagues Andrea and Tom Tolman to help him in the investigation.

A decade ago the Tolmans and detective  Lane successfully treated a family disrupted by a father’s destructive involvement as a leader of a satanic cult group. They now are affectionately known by the Houston police and judges as the Three Muskateers . They are often called on in cases where the interface of psychology, religion and the law are involved. Now they have met the supreme test of their skills in all three domains. Can the Three Muskateers help the HPD solve this crime before more terrorism happens?

Brief Olsson Bio

After attending Wheaton College, Peter Olsson MD  trained at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston. After an internship in mixed medicine at the University of Vermont, he took a psychiatry residency at Baylor. Olsson served as a psychiatrist at Oakland Naval Hospital from 1971-73 where he ran the substance abuse unit and worked with the POWs returning from North Vietnam prisons. He  later graduated from the Houston-Galveston Psychoanalytic Institute in Houston .and  practiced psychiatry and psychotherapy while teaching psychotherapy in Houston for 25 years… and subsequently in New Hampshire until 2011. Olsson is an assistant professor of psychiatry at Dartmouth Med School and an adjunct professor of clinical psychiatry at Baylor College of Medicine .. Olsson is a Fellow of the American Academy of Psychoanalysis and a distinguished life fellow of the American Psychiatric Association.

MALIGNANT PIED PIPERS OF OUR TIME : From the Rev Jim Jones to Osama Bin Laden.  Publish America, Baltimore, (2005); 

The CULT OF OSAMA : Psychoanalyzing Bin Laden and His Magnetism For Muslim Youths. Praeger  Security International of Greenwood Group, Westport  Connecticut. London (2007).

THE MAKING OF A HOMEGROWN TERRORIST.  Praeger , of ABC-CLIO. Santa Barbara. (2014).

Olsson’s first novel is called A BOYISH GOD. SBPRA, Houston, (2013).

A second novel, HOUSTON’S HOMEGROWN TERROR SBPRA, Houston.(2014).

Poems Behind a Psychiatrists Couch: Red Lead Press, Pittsburgh.

For additional publications see Olsson website.   www.drpeterolsson.com