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Hollywood’s Rodney Charters says Rotolights’ spectrascope is “amazing”.

PRESS RELEASE (10/12/2013) – Travelling the world as I do it’s always great to get a ‘heads up’ from respected Hollywood Directors about new gadgets, lights and tools before they’ve become mainstream.  IBC proved to be its usual frenetic self, but then I caught up with Rodney Charter’s talking about his latest finds.  

Rotolights’s spectrascope came in for high praise indeed by Rodney Charters  “I would encourage anybody to buy this as a tool because it is absolutely amazing” Rodney is best known for his role as DoP on ’24′ and ‘Dallas’ and honorary winner of the ‘Career Achievement in Television award’ voted for by the American Society of Cinematographers. 

The Rotolight Spectrascope is the ultimate Lighting tool and can analyse any light source to reveal its colour spectrum, peaks and missing bands, to allow you to correct and accurately control your lighting on set or location. Sounds like a vital device for Photographers , Cinematographers, lighting technicians and anyone working with light.

This UK based company Rotolight have have been announced as the winners of the prestigious TVBEurope Editors Choice ‘Best of IBC 2013′ Award for the Rotolight Spectrascope.  So looks like the fans are stacking up on this one.

Each year TVB Europe and IBC Daily Journalists seek the best innovative game-changing technology at Europe’s largest Media Technology show. Highly experienced Editor-in-Chief Fergal Ringrose and David Fox – Chief Journalist, chose the Rotolight Spectrascope after great debate, and feedback from industry peers.

Not satisfied with this find I have subsequently discovered the Rotolight company have worked on an amazing list of A * movies including the latest offering by Tom Hanks ‘Captain Philips’.   Rodney explained he had visited the Rotolight stand as he was curious to see what they had as he’d heard about their lights,  He didn’t introduce himself but  spoke with the owner and developer Rod Gammons, and Rodney commented how good their products were, in fact really excellent.  He said that the owner spent a great deal of time taking him through the Anova 2’s extraordinary features, he was impressed. 

Their Rotolight RL48’s used for all the inside shots and their Anova range with Magic Eye App are already used by the great and good around the world.   Their latest offerings at IBC the Avova 2 are about to change the world of LED lighting for ever yet again, already I have heard that several TV  studios are looking to migrate to LED and Rotolight is surely in the front running. 350% brighter, no heat, more comfort for those in front of camera, less make up issues, great price…..I could go on.   They happen to look amazing too, wouldn’t mind having one just for me at home.  Are they the best kept secret by those in the know or what!!   Thanks Rodney for this one…I owe you.

 For more information on the company please visit www.rotolight.com    

Picture: Rodney Charters (left) at IBC 2013.