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Helpline in Gulfport Offers Addiction Recovery Information

LIGHTNING RELEASES 02-21-14 – Substance abuse among teenagers has been a problem in Gulfport, FL for many years. But until recently, many young adults lacked the proper information to find help for the addiction issues. A new helpline has been established to provide teens with a valuable tool to find proper treatment for their chemical dependency.

By calling (772) 646-4443, young addicts can speak directly to a certified addiction professional who can address any of their questions or concerns pertaining to substance abuse. The helpline is available 24/7 for anyone who has any questions or concerns about addiction. Operators can provide valuable information on the various treatment options available at drug rehab centers. Parents can learn about which drug rehab facilities can provide the best care for their child. The helpline also has a corresponding website at www.drugrehab-gulfport.com which can provide more comprehensive information.

The more parents and teens know about the benefits of addiction recovery, the better their chances of finding the proper assistance for substance abuse. By accessing the helpline, parents and teens can learn about the various treatment programs including drug detox, dual diagnosis, individual and group therapy, Dialectical Behavior Therapy as well as mandatory education programs. The goal of the helpline is to assist more troubled teens in Gulfport find the proper help they need to overcome the drug and alcohol dependency.

About the helpline:

Finding proper treatment for a drug or alcohol problem can be difficult for an adult. But it’s even more challenging for teenagers. By calling the helpline at (772) 646-4443 or access its corresponding website at www.drugrehab-gulfport.com  young addicts and their parents can learn where to get the assistance they need to overcome substance abuse.