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Golden Temple (Harmandar Sahib) 1.3 Lakh Akhand Path list ,NRI’s, Akali Dal, IOC, petition SGPC to Expedite Seva.

Toronto Ont. According to SGPC Golden Temple ( Harmandar Sahib) Akhand Path roster, there are 1.3 lakh Sikhs, who are awaiting their turn to hold an Akhand Path at “Dukhbhanjani Sahib and Har Ki Pauri”, the last on the list will get his turn in year 2019. The 48 hour ceremony is conducted by Sikh priests at these two places only, much to the delay of Sikh Followers, who may not be alive, when there turn comes in 2019.

S.G.P.C. has their new website www.sgpc.net, with Jathedar Awtar Singh as its President, also accepting “Bheta with credit cards”, on their Online Seva system, from NRI’s and Sikh Followers in Canada, USA, Australia, U.K., Malayasia, Kenya, Singapore, Germany, Norway and many other countries, via VISA, MasterCard, American Express.

Many NRI’s including Sikh Politicians, Bollywood actors, Industrialists, including family of Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh and Chief Minister Prakash Singh Ji Badal, are in line for the “Akhand Path” Seva. NRI Foundation and Sikh Foundation, have approached the SGPC, with a request to delegate 100 Priests, to hold these Akhand Paths, so they can do the needed Seva, during their life time, when they are alive. This pattern is adopted in “Vatican”, where Catholic Religion Followers can offer their prayers.

Sikh Foundation America, president Dr. Ajit Singh requests SGPC president Jathedar Awtar Singh , to hold an emergency meeting to hire 100 Sikh priests and resolve the long delay, pending for over 1000 Non Resident Indians, by granting them expedited “timeframe” for Seva. Indian Overseas Congress president Vikram Bajwa, requests the S.G.P.C., to amend their By-Laws, so the entire floor at Dukhbhanjani Sahib and Har-Ki-Pauri, can be used to install “100 Guru Granth Sahib”, so Sikh Followers, around the world can share their heartfelt Seva, which will also spread the word of Sikhism around the World, among NRI’s and other religions.

Sikh Youth President Gurdan Singh, requests the S.G.P.C., to utilize the “webworld”, to spread the religion and the “Akhand Path”, ceremony can be shared around the world with modern web technology like “Skype Akhand Paths”, with family members, from the Golden temple. “We want S.G.P.C., to address this issue with immediate effect” said Dr. Rajwant Singh, “S.G.P.C. with all respect needs to revamp the process of service to Sikh Followers, NRI’s around the world”, said Jathedar Malkiat Singh of Birmingham, England. Senior Akali Dal leader, America, Harry Singh, is also on the long list, looking for S.G.P.C., to expedite the Akhand Path Seva Program, “which is the need of the hour”.

Majority of the North America Gurudwara’s request all SIkh Followers to send a request petition to S.G.P.C. of 1 Million NRI’s, through Email at president@sgpc.net, so they can make the desired changes in Harmandar Sahib. “NRI Sikh Scholars, including Vice Chancellors of Khalsa College, Punjabi University should be made part of this campaign”, said Dr. Harinder Pal Singh Sandhu, of Punjab Foundation Canada.

Written by Hardeep Dhillon