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“Godhara Memorial” INDIA-NRI’s, Indian Overseas Congress to raise $ 10 Million

New Jersey : The 2002 Gujarat violence was a period of inter-communal violence in Gujarat, which lasted for approximately three days, which according to official figures resulted in the deaths of 790 Muslims, 254 Hindus, 3,000 injured, 500 reported missing .Other sources estimate that up to 3,000 Muslims died, children burnt alive, widespread looting and destruction of minority properties, including 150 rapes. Chief Minister Narendra Modi has been accused of initiating and condoning the violence, but in 2012 Modi was cleared of complicity in the violence by a Special Investigation Team, appointed by the Supreme Court of India.The Muslims of India reported to have reacted with “anger and disbelief”, with calls for an appeal. In July 2013 allegations were made by various Human Righ Organisations, that the SIT had suppressed evidence.

Amnesty International reported the violence in 2002, the U.S. State Department refused Visitor’s Visa to Chief Minister Narendra Modi, in 2005, on the basis of Intelligence reports and Amnesty International evidence. Many countries, including Canada, followed the principle of Refusal for the Chief Minister, Modi. Coalition against Genocide, urged the US Senators and Congressmen, to respect the Human Rights in India.More recently the “Coalition”, met with Secretary John Kerry, to update him on the events concerning “Godhara”, Sabarmati Train, violence and its political Fallout among NRI’s here in U.S.A.

Indian Overseas Congress, has acknowledged that the “1984 Riots” in New Delhi and “Godhara Violence”, has no place in India, especially when India seeks a seat in U.N.Security Council and a position in G-8 Nations. Social Media, is instrumental in spreading the ” Human Rights”, causes in India and Worldwide, holding the Governments, accountable for their actions against minorities, especially Sikhs and Muslims.

Indian Overseas Congress, President Vikram Bajwa, after meeting U.S. Senators and US Congressmen, in the preparation of India’s Independence Day and “Coalition”, meeting with Secretary John Kerry, it was determined and decided to build a ” Godhara Memorial”, on Raj Path in New Delhi and in Ahmedabad, Gujarat at a cost of $ 25 Million Dollars, of which NRI’s will donate $ 10 Million Dollars, provided the land for the Memorial is donated by Delhi Chief Minister Shiela Dikhshit and Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi. IOC, Gen Secretary Sunil Malhotra has forwarded the request to obtain the approval of the ” Godhara Memorial”, to Vice President AICC Rahul Gandhi, whereas IOC President has requested Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi to allocate 5 Acres of land in Ahmedabad, for the Memorial.

“We seek the support of Coalition against Genocide, ALL INDIA CONGRESS COMM., B.J.P., Janta Dal, Lok Dal, Shiromani Akali Dal, Bahujan Samaj Party,and others, including Members of Parliament, to build this Memorial, which has been deprived to the families and victims of the dark period in Gujarat. The proposed design of the Memorial by ” Punjab American Heritage”, depicts a Grand Hall of 20,000 Sq Ft., illuminated by 5,000 Lights, hanging from the ceiling, with an indoor Red water pool of 12,000 Sq, Feet.

Donations in U.S.A and Canada, will be solicited from Gujarat , Punjab, Kerala, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, NRI’s and Associations, including Sikh Gurudwaras, Hindu Temples , Muslim Mosques and Christian Churches. ” It will be the monument for peace in India”, said Dr. Sameer Shah, who donated the first $ 10,000 dollars.

Gujarat NRI’s, Jayant Patel has requested the AAPI to donate $ 1 Million Dollars, towards the Memorial on the Annual Convocation in Ahmedabad on January 5, 2014, to be presided over by Chief Minister Narendra Modi.