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Global Indian Magazine names Ducon Chairman Aron Govil Person of Year 2013

New York, USA (November 5, 2013)  Aron Govil, a New York based NRI, and Chairman of the Ducon Group, an international industrial conglomerate has been named “Person of the Year 2013”  by the Global Indian magazine. 

The prestigious Thailand based publication, which focuses on Indian diaspora, announced, “We have conferred Dr. Aron Govil with the Person of the Year 2013 honor, amongst the Indians settled abroad, due to his vast business expansion, innovative technologies with global marketing base, and unchallenged manufacturing capabilities.” 

The magazine explains the selection of Dr. Govil on its cover, “While enjoying the thrills of many enterprising accomplishments and creating values during the long process of unbroken struggles, Aron has proved that the zenith of success is achievable if the person aspiring for it continues his pursuits consistently, undeterred by the wintry blasts of sufferings and setbacks of the time. What makes Aron laudably distinct from other affluent people is his belief in transience of material wealth and eternality of human virtues. He has never been moved by the enormity of his business. He lays emphasis on self-control at all times whether in wealth or weal. Aron though a dynamic explorer of new vistas of enterprising life has discovered the secret of his happiness underlying his own positive attitude, irrespective of material attainments.”

In discussing the Ducon Group, the magazine further adds, “Recognized as the largest Indian owned company in the US, Ducon, under Aron’s leadership has become an internationally giant empire with its $480 million current annual turnover, and a dynamic skilled workforce of 546. Ducon, with its 30 technology patents and over 35,000 MW of successfully executed power plant projects, is a leading and unchallenged equipment supplier to the world’s FORTUNE 500 industrial companies and utilities.”

Global Indian magazine prides itself in highlighting the gems of the Indian diaspora because Indians living abroad have increasingly been playing a very crucial role in India’s continued mobility towards attaining a world power status. The internationally renowned magazine summarizes, “If India prides itself for having its great sons of soil settled abroad for their trailblazing attributes, establishing giant business empires and the deep passion and magnanimity shown for good causes, making a distinct niche in their host lands, then Dr. Aron Govil is a glaring name among them.”