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Five Careers in Finance that Require Training

As you can imagine just about any career in finance is going to need some sort of specialized training. When it comes to people’s money, they want to feel confident that they are dealing with somebody who really knows what they are talking about. We have compiled a list of several careers that will definitely require further training.

Financial Consultant – This one should go without saying but when a customer is looking for someone to help advise on bank accounts and other similar issues, that person needs to be certified. Even someone with a great deal of knowledge about these topics will need a lot of further training to properly advise clients. This is a field that is always changing also so it is important to be properly trained.
Insurance Agent – Despite what people may think about insurance agents, they are formally trained and need to be in order to secure a job as an insurance agent. If you are looking into a career as an insurance agent then you will certainly need some additional training.

Accountant – Since they will be handling all of your numbers and books, you better be glad that your accountant needed to have a bunch of additional formal training before getting the job. It takes a whole lot more to become an accountant than simply being good with numbers but thankfully there are many places for aspiring accountants to get the training that they need.

Stockbroker – Playing the stock market is risky enough as it is. To be a stockbroker or anything else related to the stock market then a whole lot of further training will be required before you can even think about putting your foot in the door. This will not only ensure that you can do your job correctly but it will make your clients feel much more confident with you.

Real Estate Agent – While not exactly a finance career, real estate can be huge financial investments for some people so it should be considered here as well. A real estate license requires a pretty hefty amount of training and no real estate agent will be able to operate without one. If you are thinking of becoming a real estate agent then you should surely look into obtaining your training from a qualified place.

There are literally hundreds of other careers in the finance fields but this is just a quick look at some of them that will require you to undergo further training. Whichever one you choose, good luck and pay attention!