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Finding The Best Continuing Education Seminars

Finding top quality continuing education seminars has never been easier thanks to computers and high-speed internet.  Literally, you can find thousands of different seminars based on something specific within minutes of searching.  As you begin looking at different educational institutions, companies, and various government agencies, you will quickly discover that seminars of this type come in many different shapes and sizes.

For instance, you could benefit from continuing education seminars through a wide selection of resources and for each of these, numerous topics are covered and for different units and credits.  Most often, these seminars focus on current and critical topics but it is also common to use the seminars as an excellent networking tool.  With this, you would have the opportunity to gain important insight into a multitude of topics, earn units and/or credits, and have the ability to build connections to further your career.

Continuing education seminars can be found for virtually any career avenue to include Human Resources, Environmental, Engineering, Water Law, HVAC, all Medical, Legal, Insurance, Finance, Purchasing, Sales, and much more.  Being able to find excellent continuing education seminars that provide a long list of topics, as well as sub-topics for each of these areas provides you with the chance to stay current on CEUs and credits but also to provide your customers or clients with exceptional service, thereby giving you an edge over the competition.

Another thing you will discover as you research various continuing education seminars is that depending on the company, educational institution, or government agency sponsoring them, the medium changes.  As an example, you will find seminars conducted through teleconferencing, web video, in-person, etc.  However, regardless of the avenue chosen for disseminating the information, especially those conducted via teleconferencing and phone are short.  The goal is to get the message across but without making the process difficult.  In addition, most continuing education seminars will have an industry expert who speaks but also offers much-needed Q&A time.

Although we highly recommend continuing education seminars in that they are more personal and easier to learn from by most people, books should also be included as a part of the tools used.  For this, you would need to find industry leading books written by established experts in any given field.  Along with this, faculty prepared manuals are a great source of information.  You can usually contact community colleges, vocational schools, and universities, asking for recommendations for various continuing education books that could be used as curriculum for earning college credits or earning CEUs.

In addition to continuing education seminars via teleconferencing, phone, and in person, as well as books, the market is flooded with podcasts and CDs, as well.  The nice thing about using a variety of learning tools is that most people gain different perspectives than if just using one medium.  The reason is that experts have their own preferred method for teaching so it would be to your advantage to use all the different opportunities available.  Of course, if you are someone who learns more from listening or with visual effects, the market also provides a great selection of continuing education videos.

You should never be afraid to look at various options for finding the information needed.  Along with this, contact or visit the larger bookstores to include Barnes and Noble where you can find books but also CDs and videos.  Then as mentioned, pull up a list of colleges, universities, and other educational institutions, calling to ask about different publications or courses being offered.  You will quickly learn that some of the finest information for continuing education CEUs and college credits can be obtained by going this route.

As you get involved with various seminars be sure to take full advantage of networking opportunities.  Since you would be attending seminars for a specific career, other participants would be in the same field.  Therefore, listen to names of people on calls or request a participant list, and then get to work.  Networking has long been known as one of the most powerful resources known to man so building a base of experts from whom you can learn and share information you have gained over the years is truly vital to success for both parties.

Although there are many more than mentioned, we wanted to offer a few continuing education seminars, CDs, and videos that come highly recommended.

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•    Nursing Spectrum
•   Western CPE
•    University Learning Systems
•    National Association of Special Education