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Financing Department at US Off Lease Autos Has Helpful Tools for Consumers

LIGHTNING RELEASES (12/12/2013)- The new financing department at US Off Lease Autos is changing the way people buy vehicles because it puts everything right at the customers fingertips. Today’s world is all about efficiency and the team at US Off Lease Autos wanted to streamline the way people buy cars. They came up with a new financing section of the US Off Lease Autos website which offers a variety of helpful tools for the prospective buyer.

One of the most helpful tools is the online application which starts the process of financing a new car, truck or SUV. Simply fill in the information in each box and send it directly to the knowledgeable staff at US Off Lease Autos who will start working for you immediately.

Another excellent tool on the website is the online car loan calculator which can provide someone with an instant car loan rate. This means someone can use the calculator to estimate exactly how much car they can afford. Plenty of people jump right into buying mode and end up purchasing a vehicle they might have a hard time paying for. The loan calculator can help prevent this from happening.

The best part about US Off Lease Autos is that people with all types of credit can use the new financing department to get a car loan. Even those with bad credit or no credit with a history of foreclosure, repossessions or bankruptcy can get a loan as long as they can prove they have a steady job. In fact, financing is guaranteed for those with approved employment.

About US Off Lease Autos:

US Off Lease Autos has been offering certified pre-owned cars, trucks and SUV’s in West Palm Beach since 2004. The knowledgeable sales staff is always excited to help someone find the vehicle of their dreams. Check out the inventory of vehicles online and use the car locator section to find what you’re looking for. Visit them online at www.usoffleaseautos.com to learn more or by visiting their location at 225 North Military Trail in West Palm Beach, FL 33415. You can also call the sales department at (877) 414-7154. With attractive financing offers, US Off Lease Autos should be your first stop for used cars in West Palm Beach.