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Film and Television Degrees and Programs

film and television degreeThe result of hard work performed by professionals in the film and television industry, millions of people around the world enjoy box office hit movies and television series. Although it might seem as if the work is all glamorous, the truth is that for many positions within this industry, millions of dollars are hanging in the balance.

For this reason, professionals working in film and television need specialized education and training to overcome tough challenges, work long hours, manage multiple tasks, and meet tight deadlines. In addition to initial education to get started in the industry, continued education is imperative since technology and processes are ever changing.

Film and Television Career Opportunities

Even during the Great Depression, people would spend money at the movie theater, showing just how important film and television is as a form of entertainment but also education. Today, people still depend on film and television as entertainment and education, but also as a distraction from trying financial times. Because of this, career opportunities are in abundance.

For a television show or movie to be developed, many different professionals come together. While the actors are what get the most attention and praise, it is the behind the scene professionals who help to create magic. Just a few of the career opportunities specific to the film and television industry include directors, producers, screenwriters, set designers cinematographers, sound and dance choreographers, gofers, and the list goes on.

Film and Television Education and Training

For someone to get started in the film and television industry a tremendous amount of education and training is required. This particular sector is highly competitive, which means great television and film products must be created. This is only possible by different professionals having the necessary knowledge, skills, and confidence for the job.

Initially, an individual would need to complete specific coursework although depending on the exact career being pursued, exact studies would vary. However, some of the basic studies that would be included in coursework include photography, film editing, lighting, state design, costume design, camera operations, computer animation, sound technology, and much more. The one area when pursuing a film and television degree considered the most valuable in today’s market is digital and computing.

Along with required coursework, there are many careers in film and television that require specialized hands-on training. Based on the position but also the company for which a person works, this might be in the form of formal training or it could be something offered on-the-job. Typically, training would include online animation, gaming, and video.

Film and Television – Earning a Degree Online

Although conventional education is still an option for someone interested in a film and television career, we see many people now completing studies online. Because there is such high demand, many reputable schools offer film and television degree programs. As far as learning options, an individual can actually choose from a number of degrees but also certifications. The following provides a brief introduction to the more popular film and television degree programs available online.

o    Associate’s Degree – This program gets a person prepared to work in just about all areas of film and television, covering all the basic lessons and then some

o    Bachelor’s Degree – With this, a person would gain tremendous skills in filmmaking, producing, directing, lighting, sound, editing, cinematography, acting, screenwriting, stage design, and the list goes on

o    Master’s Degree – This high level film and television degree online would result in a Master’s Degree in Motion Pictures and Television, giving a person the opportunity to expand knowledge gained while earning an Associate’s and Bachelor’s degree.

On average, a person working in film and television earns $70,000 although actors, producers, and directors have much higher salaries. Of course, as most people know, actors can quickly become millionaires with exceptional skills but work is not always steady.