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SOMOSTV’s channel brings you the best 14 love movies on Valentine’s Day 

LIGHTNING RELEASES: MIAMI, Florida (2/12/2014) – ViendoMovies programs romantic love movies on February 14th in celebration of St. Valentine’s Day. St. Valentine’s is known as “Day of Love and Friendship” in many Latin American countries, where people do different acts of kindness and appreciation for their friends and loved ones. In addition to the carefully selected films, the channel will also change its on-air look and feel with special pieces to celebrate the day.

The Valentine’s Day premiers includes “Pegado a Tu Almohada”, “La Vida de los Peces”, “Una Hora Más en Canarias”, “Mi Primera Boda” and “Puzzled Love”, representing the best from Spain, Chile and Argentina, among other movies from different Spanish speaking countries. “La Vida de los Peces”, starring Santiago Cabrera, Blanca Lewin, and Victor Montero, is the story of a travel writer, Andre, based in Berlin who attends a house party where a tragedy, which caused Andre to leave Chile years ago, binds all of the party guests. Andre goes through great lengths to avoid one guest in particular, which is the one guest he needs the most. The movie won a Goya for “Best Spanish Language Foreign Film” and the Jury Award for “Best Director” at the Los Angeles Latino International Film Festival.

“Una Hora Más en Canarias”, directed by David Serrano and starring Quim Gutiérrez, Angie Cepeda and Juana Acosta. The movie tells a story of Claudia, an attractive thirty-five year old woman that has a good-looking husband who worships her, a handsome son whom she adores and a lover who is even better looking and whom she adores even more. Life could not get any better. But Pablo, her lover, has decided that he has had enough of being no more than that and has left her for another woman. Claudia, who doesn’t take NO for an answer, is not prepared to let him slip through her fingers. With the help of her sister Monica, she arranges what would seem to be a simple plan to get him back. But things do not go as planned and Pablo finds himself in the middle of three manipulative and strong women who will do whatever it takes to get what they want!

Lastly, “Puzzled Love” is a romantic comedy from Spain about two young adults who fall in love during a study abroad, they spend their time together without thinking of their separation at the term’s end. Will their love be enough to prevail?

ViendoMovies is renowned for its strategy of dynamically and innovatively adapting its on-air look in terms of the calendar dates of its bicultural audience. This adaptability has resulted in a unique bond with viewers and an expectation about how the channel evolves in the approach of celebrating the cultural diversity and the contributions of Latinos to the American nation.


ABOUT VIENDOMOVIES: ViendoMovies is a Pay TV channel that broadcasts contemporary Spanish-language films 24 hours a day with no commercial breaks, with a culturally relevant Premium on air look. ViendoMovies is produced in the USA for the US Hispanic and Puerto Rico markets and is part of SOMOSTV LLC. For more information please visit us at www.viendomovies.com and www.somostv.net