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Ez-XBRL Solutions Announces Contexxia for Analyzing Public Company Filings
Unique Product to View, Analyze and Research Public Company Filings

PRESS RELEASE: MANASSAS, VA (10/15/2013): Ez-XBRL Solutions, Inc., a global provider of products and services for Financial Analytics and Financial Regulatory Compliance, today released Contexxia, a revolutionary new product for analysis of regulatory filings. Contexxia provides a unique way to analyze, research and find interesting information in public company filings by leveraging Semantic Search, Natural Language Processing, a Powerful Data Model, and several other technologies.

Contexxia benefits a variety of stakeholders including investment research firms, regulators, public companies, auditors, and law firms that are seeking to analyze SEC filings to understand significant changes in content, both textual and numerical, as well as other insights into corporate filings. Contexxia helps users gain significant insights into SEC filings without requiring the immense effort involved in searching for changes in documents.

Contexxia offers multiple views of public company filings such as highlighting semantic textual changes between filings that are often very difficult to find, showing changes in numerical data by leveraging tagged XBRL data, and presenting insights into past, current and future events through its powerful Events view. Contexxia leverages these capabilities to help users quickly spot differences between two filings and identify any unique information contained in a filing. Contexxia utilizes Ez-XBRL’s patent-pending algorithms based on Natural Language Processing, a sophisticated data model, and the unique advantages of best-in-class cloud computing platforms to provide a powerful, scalable, and near real-time tool for researching public companies. Contexxia features collaboration, social sharing, reporting and data downloading. Contexxia presents an elegant, visually intuitive and powerful user interface to complement its capabilities.

“Contexxia addresses the needs of a varied audience that is seeking to do more research faster, while keeping costs down and enhancing the quality of research output” said Aneet Kumar, President of Ez-XBRL Solutions, Inc. “Contexxia enables deeper insights into public company filings and offers a variety of perspectives for its users”. 

Learn more by visiting http://beta.contexxia.com or by exploring its features at http://beta.contexxia.com/a/document.

About Ez-XBRL Solutions, Inc.

Ez-XBRL Solutions, Inc. is a global provider of products and services for Financial Analytics and Financial Regulatory Compliance. Ez-XBRL Solutions’ team comprises of experts with significant knowledge and experience in a diverse set of domains and technologies, including Financial Services, Compliance Reporting, XBRL documents, XML databases, Natural Language Processing, Cloud Computing, and Analytics. The company is a member of XBRL US and is playing a key role in the development of XBRL standards and global adoption. Ez-XBRL is headquartered in the USA and has operations in the UK and India. 

For more information about the company, please visit www.ez-xbrl.com or contact:

Srinivas Murty, Vice President, Product Management


+1 (703) 740 9063