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Ex-Soldier Launches Business to Revolutionise the Way Lancashire’s Public Sector Professionals Work with Clients

PRESS RELEASE (10/23/2013)- Following a career in the army, Blackpool entrepreneur Shiree Varley and business partner Jacqui Lane have today, Thursday, launched ‘Dramatic Potential’, a new company delivering training programmes to front-line workers, optimising the client relationship to create effective outcomes in domestic violence, families in crisis, prolific offending, homelessness and third generation unemployment. As a former soldier Shiree was able to secure support and funding from a new social enterprise, X-Forces which helps service leavers realise their entrepreneurial ambitions through funding and business support.

Shiree Varley, Managing Director & Founder Dramatic Potential:

“Our mission is to revolutionise the way public sector workers engage with people, and to inspire them to inspire others into reaching their full potential. Serving in the Army and being a military wife has taught me a great deal about challenging situations. All the varied experiences, combined with the professional experience I gained after leaving the forces has really given me a rich tool box to take into the business world. The support of X-Forces and that of our mentor Mike Ward, has been invaluable in giving us the confidence to get Dramatic Potential off the ground’.

With a combined experience of over 40 years helping people to improve their communication skills, resolve conflict and inspire behavioural change, the duo have established Dramatic Potential to provide training, courses and support to front-line public sector workers from across the Social Services, Child Protection Agencies, Police, Young People’s services, drug and alcohol services, local authorities and the NHS with the aim of equipping them with more efficient and effective skills to help, support and better understand the clients they work with. Both Shiree and Jacqui have extensive professional qualifications including credentials in Psychology, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and conflict resolution for which they have received regional and national recognition*. 

Jacqui Lane, Managing Director & Founder Dramatic Potential:

“For as long as we live and work amongst people, we face challenge, change and conflict at some level, in almost every choice and decision we make. And that’s a good thing because the only way any of us can grow is by having new conversations, listening to new ideas and seeing new ways of solving old problems. We teach people how to understand drama and how to move from the more destructive patterns into constructive drama, where real change takes place. Dramatic Potential works to ensure that every challenge is seen as an opportunity for growth, and every relationship an opportunity for transformational change.”

The courses offered by Dramatic Potential range in duration from day courses to 8-day intensives. Their flagship programme, ‘Decoding your clients limits’ contains cutting edge tools, techniques and interventions that so far, have not been delivered anywhere else in the UK. Study topics range from ‘Mastering the art of managing difficult people’, ‘Drivers & Dividers: Revealing the unconscious depths of why conflict becomes a way of life for some’ to ‘Strategies to survive the ups and downs of moody people’. 

Although the business is being launched in Blackpool and specifically providing a service to public sector employees in Lancashire, there has also been a significant amount of interest from other public sector agencies across the UK.

Mike Ward, Associate Director & mentor X-Forces:

“As the X-Forces mentor for Dramatic Potential I have worked very closely with Jacqui and Shiree over the last few months, helping them define their competitive advantage and articulate their offer.  Shiree’s forces background is reflected in her pragmatic and practical approach: building bridges and forging alliances to get the business launched.”

Notes to editors:

  • For additional quotes, interviews or supporting imagery concerning Dramatic Potential please call Jacqui or Shiree on 07793048815 or visit http://dramaticpotential.com.
  • For additional information about X-Forces visit http://x-forces.com or email Meredyth.Grant@x-forces.com or call 07530 454461.
  • X-Forces has the support  and backing of the Ministry Of Defence and the Department of Business Innovation and Skills (BIS) and is actively looking to support more veterans, their spouses and dependents in becoming entrepreneurs.
  • X-Forces on Twitter @officialXforces
  • X-Forces on Facebook www.facebook.com/XForces

*Shiree Varley was awarded runner-up in The Guardian’s Public Service Awards and Jacqui Lane was awarded Mentor of the Year in 2010.