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Encore Energy Announces Vice President of Business Development

LIGHTNING RELEASES: BOWLING GREEN, KY (1/21/2014)—Today, Steve Stengell introduced the Company’s most recent addition to Encore’s executive management team.  Joseph Hooper has officially been named the Vice President of Business Development for Encore Energy, Inc.

Joseph has worked in the securities industry for the majority of his adult life and held Series 3, 7, 22 and 63 licenses resulting in a diverse experience of trading stocks, bonds, options and futures, raising capital for real estate mezzanine financing, oil and gas exploration, salt water disposal facilities and technology companies in medical I.T. and social media. He is currently a partner in a medical clinic located in North Carolina.

Mr. Hooper has accessed private capital through private placements, limited partnerships, direct participation programs and other offering structures. Mr. Hooper has served as an independent contractor for various projects and consulted with both public and private companies regarding strategies to access capital, enhance investor returns and expand their existing client base. He regularly attends investment conferences in the U.S. and abroad and has served as a trusted advisor for high income / high net worth clients throughout his career.  While at Source Capital Group, Inc., Mr. Hooper assisted in the development of a series of Opportunity Funds in 2008 that continue to operate today. Mr. Hooper also utilized his knowledge and contacts gained in the development of the aforementioned Funds to establish, operate and support Funds in the mortgage industry.

Joseph also holds a black belt in Karate studying the declines of Goju-Shorei. He is an expert in weapons and other hand-to-hand combat and instructs here in Bowling Green. At 55 years of age, he still competes in the regional tournaments.      

“We are delighted to have Mr. Hooper as an integral part of our team and look forward to working with him in the continued execution of Encore’s business plan,” said Steve Stengell, Encore’s President and Chief Executive Officer.

For more information please visit www.encore-energy.com or e-mail the Company directly at info@encore-energy.com

About Encore Energy

Encore’s management team consist of experienced operator(s) of oil and gas properties. The Company’s key experience is the utilization of the latest technological advancements related to horizontal drilling operations. Encore Energy, Inc. also serves as an advisor in the Ohio Utica Shale, representing mineral right owners and oil and gas producers that control large tracts of contiguous oil and gas lease properties.  Encore currently represents thousands of acres in the Utica Shale, much of which is held by production (HBP), and works directly with many of the prominent operators in North America to acquire lease acreage in the growing productive areas of the Utica Play. The Company is currently working with institutional investors to make certain acquisitions and manage operations for projects in the Eastern US.

Cautionary Statement:  This release contains forward-looking information and certain goals and/or timelines may or may not be achieved by the Company. There exist tremendous risk and uncertainty associated with oil and natural gas exploration and development. No assurances can be made as to the future production rates, reserves, etc. for any given project. It is impossible to accurately forecast oil and/or natural gas production rates, reserves, prices, lease operating expenses, etc. No assurances can be made that the company will raise the necessary level of funding and/or achieve results from future operations to make the proposed future operations herein profitable.  There may be additional risks associated with the Company’s operations not known at this time such as project cost overruns, environmental risks etc.  This is not an offer to sell a security nor is it an offer to buy a security.