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EgoPay Slashes Deposit Fees

EgoPay, the leading online payment processor as well as e-currency provider, has slashed its transaction fees. The new rates, which take effect immediately, are set to affect all payza deposits. This means that the fees will be reduced to 2.7%+0.25USD/EUR for all payza deposits. But there is even better news for merchant account holders since they will now have to pay a new lower rate which is 2.5%+0.25$ as long as they receive $10 or less. Previously, the rate for the same service was 2.5%+0.50$. However, this is not all. Individuals making deposits to accounts other than Payza and OKPAY will have to pay new reduced rate which is 0%.

Listening, caring partner

Ever the listening and caring partner for its clients, EgoPay hold their customers in very high regard. For this reason, the company strives at all times to ensure that they give their clients not only the best services but also at prices that do not appear punitive to the customers. According to insiders, the decision to slash the prices came after extensive review of the existing fees, and the management considered that it was in their customer’s best interests to have the fees reduced. The company believes that their success has come about as a result of keeping their customers happy at all times. This is why they would do anything to maintain happy customers.

About EgoPay
EgoPay is a leading online provider payment processing and e-currency providers. It offers instant payment services to it clients, meaning there is not need to wait for any clearance. It prides itself in the provision of safe online environment for its customers. This means that when transacting with them, the customer’s credit card information remains safe and out of reach of cyber criminals. Among its strongest points is that fact that great customer support which, according to them, is second to none. More importantly, their withdrawal and deposit is really simple, as anyone can deposit and withdraw without needing any help.

 The fact that this payment system is accepted widely by many online merchants, which in turn allows customers to purchase all kinds of products or services and pay for them safely. With the changes taking immediate effect, EgoPay is going to become even better for its clients. Not only will it offer the best of services to its clients, but it will also be among the most affordable, if not the cheapest.