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Educational Resource Materials on Mental Health for consumers, their families and providers of services

Disability Money Secrets by John P. Gallagher

LIGHTNING RELEASES (3/15/2014) – If you are a disabled person, a little financial assistance can make a huge difference in your lifestyle. And, it could be that a small amount of knowledge is the only thing stopping you from getting aid in housing, transportation, education, and much more. Now, an easy-to-understand, fact-filled guide can help you get the benefits that can transform your livelihood—and your life.

In Disability Money Secrets, author and mental health advocate John P. Gallagher draws from twenty-five years of financial know-how and eight years as a mental health consumer representative. He now shares the sources he discovered that allowed him to work only part-time, yet collect thousands of dollars in assistance and resources each year.

In clear, straightforward language, Disability Money Secrets points you in the direction of sources for housing, food, utilities, furniture, clothing, education, transportation, credit cards, as well as medical, dental, and optical assistance. You’ll also learn how to qualify for real estate tax refunds, business start-up money, and education either for free or with a small co-payment. If you are a person who could do much better with a little help, Disability Money Secrets will give you a leg up on a new lifestyle, just by applying your newfound know-how. Read it, and reap the benefits!

Available at www.Amazon.com

Details: www.johnpgallagher.com


Things I Never Told My Doctor by John P. Gallagher

Let’s face it: there are some things you just don’t tell your doctor. For whatever reason, be it fear of judgment, diagnosis, or disapproval, you keep certain things to yourself and hold onto them as personal matters.

Things I Never Told My Doctor stands out as something different. It’s his story, from his point of view.

Things I Never Told My Doctor is an example of hope for adolescents who are struggling with similar problems which start at that age and continue into adulthood. It will help them make good choices. It shows them they can make a comeback after poor choices that can have an impact on their life. It is meant to teach good living habits can possibly avoid certain lifestyle instead of experimentation out of curiosity resulting in dire consequences.

Available at www.Amazon.com

Details: www.johnpgallagher.com

John is Millennium Edition Who’s Who listed for eight years work helping run non-profits. John was a mental health consumer representative on State of Wisconsin Boards. He authored several educational resource material books that are written in easy-to-understand language on mental health topics of concern for mental health consumers, their families and providers of services. He was still stepping towards recovery from my own mental health problems.

John grew up in Chicago and Pennsylvania. After completing a Bachelor’s degree he moved to Madison, Wisconsin with hope of finding state employment. Since then he has had a variety of state jobs. Along the way he was recovering from mental health problems, learning how to manage my symptoms.

His email is johnpg4766@yahoo.com and phone is 608-332-4135