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Edge-Core Networks Outdoor Dual-band Wireless Access Points out-perform the competition in Chunhwa Telecom’s outdoor Wi-Fi 3G offload service

LIGHTNING RELEASES — Hsinchu, Taiwan – 25 March: Edge-Core Networks Corporation (www.Edge-Core.com), a provider of solutions that keep information moving and connections strong for businesses; from SMB and enterprise to service providers and carriers, today announced its outdoor wireless series were selected from the competition for Chunghwa Telecom’s 3G offload projects with its high-performance and robust design.

We are very honored to be selected by Chunghwa Telecom. With increased bandwidth requirements for data downloads through 3G networks, a high-bandwidth and cost-effective solution is highly required by operators. Our outdoor wireless solution exactly meets such requirements with its robust and high-performance design. The products have already been used in the Wireless Taipei Smart City project for public wireless access.” Said Lucille Lu, Marketing Director of Edge-Core Networks. The same products will also be deployed in Palau by Chunghwa Telecom.

“The Edge-Core outdoor solution, ECWO5110 (SMC2890W-AN), is an 802.11a/b/g/n dual-band, dual-radio device with an 802.3af PoE function.” said Max Wu, Product Line Manager. “This product is the best suitable outdoor wireless LAN solution for extending network coverage when wired networks are not available. It also provides point-to-point and point-to-multipoint wireless bridge functions.

The 16 SSIDs and IP-67 supreme waterproof design give the operator flexibility in its network design in severe environments. With the same hardware design, Edge-Core also offers controller-based outdoor and indoor wireless solutions that enable wireless solutions for different operators per their actual demand.”

The famous Baga Beach in Goa, India, also used Edge-Core’s controller-based outdoor Wi-Fi solution to provide high-bandwidth connectivity for its visitors to share their videos and pictures while on vacation. The controller-based Wi-Fi solution is also under deployment in Oakwood Cozmo, Jakarta, Indonesia, providing wireless access for its visitors.

About Edge-Core Networks

Headquartered in Hsinchu, Taiwan, Edge-Core Networks Corporation was originally established as part of the Accton Technology Group responsible for global branded business. In 2010, Edge-Core Networks was spun-off into an independent subsidiary. Edge-Core Networks provides solutions that keep information moving and connections strong for businesses from the SMB and enterprise, to service providers and carriers. 
Additional information can be found at the Edge-Core Network website, ( www.Edge-Core.com) or (www.smc.com)