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EarthWater PLC engages Sigur Capital SPC for listing on Johannesburg Stock Exchange and £5,000,000 Financing

PRESS RELEASE: (11/7/2013) – Earthwater PLC (www.earthwater.com)  a London, United Kingdom based bottled water company, is pleased to announce that it has signed an agreement with Sigur Capital SPC a Cayman Island based Investment Banking firm to advise the company for an Initial Public Offering (IPO) on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE) and to raise up to £5,000,000 in corporate financing.

EarthWater will also look for the expansion of their business into the African Continent which will include the setting up of a plant in South Africa to produce their exclusive concentrate patented water. This transaction is expected to create a great employment opportunity for the people of South Africa.

Earthwater has a trademarked and patented process for the production of an exclusive water product from a secret location with over 70+ trace elements that has demonstrated magical results for the human body. The base composition is humic & fulvic compounds, mined and refined using a proprietary technology to water for the creation of what is being rapidly touted as, “The Greatest Water on Earth”.  

Howard Plaatjes Chairman of Sigur Capital SPC said “We are excited to introduce EarthWater to the African market and assist them with listing on the JSE as well as with the raising of financing for a manufacturing facility for its very unique mineral enriched water products in South Africa. This engagement enriches the aspiration of Sigur Capital to bring more investment opportunities to the African continent.”

EarthWater plans to sell to the public and based on the public acceptance and desire for the product has already been well proven and now we foresee an opportunity to provide concentrate to bottling plants for a global retail presence as well as the ability EarthWater has created with its co-packing partners to be able to provide concentrate products for the addition to water, which will soon be available in many packaging forms and can soon be purchased from a range of retail and health store outlets around the world as we expand existing and establish new, sales and distribution partners.

The history of the product involves creation of fulvic/humic enzymes that are a byproduct of micro-organisms found in humus – the organic component of everyday soil – that have a powerful ability to transfer essential micro nutrients from the earth to the human body and to detoxify the body naturally. Each molecule of fulvic/humic compounds contains 14 carbon atoms, 12 hydrogen atoms and 8 oxygen atoms. While linked together, those atoms do not form a long chain, instead, assumes the shape of a ring which causes it to have high energy properties normally associated with healthy soil.

About EarthWater 
EarthWater was established in 2013. The company’s mission is the design, manufacturing, sales to international consumer products distributors, retail outlets a wide range of fulvic & humic based natural water products. The upcoming family of products will eventually cover the spectrum from personal use products from drinks that promote a healthier body, to personal care products. Its base is its exclusive and trade secret “EarthWater” a multi anti-oxidant WATER!  More Info: (www.EarthWater.com)

About Sigur Capital, SPC 
Sigur Capital SPC, is a global investment bank that provides insight, expertise and execution to investors, companies and government entities. The firm is recognized for its distinguished investment banking services. Our investment banking services include but are not limited to Merger & Acquisitions advisory to public and private companies, Initial and Secondary Public Offerings and Private Placements. Many of Sigur Capital’ senior professionals previously held ranking positions at leading investment banks, and this collective experience is reflected in the firm’s results. More Info: (www.sigurcapital.com) 

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