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Early Winter Winners: Art Selection Preview for Clarke Auction November 17.

PRESS RELEASE (11/15/2013)- The temperature may cooling down, but the art market at Clarke is not. The upcoming selection of fine and decorative art at Clarke Auction provides many lots of important and desirable works by some amazing artists.

The feature items to be auctioned on November 17th at Clarke are two paintings by Edouard Cortes. The paintings, to be sold individually, will each boast $12/18,000 estimate. The first one offered is a Parisian street scene of “Place de la Republique et Rue du Tample.” The other is also a street scene entitled “Porte St. Denis.”

In terms of content, there might be no better time for these pieces to come to market as they depict pedestrians and carriage riders alike in late fall garb. The leaves on the city trees are making their last call for color and have already been abandoned by their companions on higher branches. The grays, blues, and faded purples of the foreground are contrasted by the fiery yellows and oranges of the café’s and restaurants that line the street making their warmth nearly palpable. As the winter rapidly closes in on the city, there is some definite affinity to be had with these paintings.

Also in the sale, a magnificent pointillist watercolor by Hippolyte Petitejean. The structural landscape is very finely executed and will be accompanied with its original brochure from Hammer Galleries. Another magnificent work on paper is Henri Le Sidaner’s  “Le Vieux Portail.” This piece will also be accompanied by the original Hammer Galleries brochure and a copy of a copy of a 1969 letter from the artist’s son Louis Le Sidaner. Each painting is estimated at $4/6,000.

One of the most popular paintings in the selection is a still life entitled “Temptations” by Pennsylvania regional artist, Ben Austrian. The dark oil on canvas depicts a table full of vices including a bottle of Irish whiskey, a package of cigarettes, a ticket from Belmont driving track, champagne, a set of di, and money. The expertly painted work appeals to both artistic and moral interpretations and could easily surpass its conservative estimate of $6/9,000.

Opposite humanity, an engraving and etching with aquatint and hand coloring by John James Audobon will be featured. The oversized print depicts the “Red Breasted Merganser, Mergus Serrator.” The fresh to market work is printed by Robert Havell for “The Birds of America.” The $6/9,000 estimate is quite appropriate for this fine engraving. 

                A figure of a Native American entitled “Tuba City Traditional Dancer Resting at Crow Fair Pow Wow” appeals to the cultural traditions of a people as well. The 1990 painting of the figure in full regalia is painted by Kevin Red Star and estimated conservatively at $2/3,000.

Staying in modern and contemporary, 1975 surrealist oil on canvas entitled “Dona Arquitectura” by Josep Subriachswill be auctioned on the 17th. Subriachs is also responsible for the creation of a sculpture in the sale entitled “ Muher Arquitectura.” The stone sculpture, although small in dimension weighs over 120 pounds and is accompanied by a 1975 certificate written by the artist.

Two pop art lithographs by Crash will also be offered. The Bronx based graffiti artist created pop art lithographs with figures, subway maps, transparency film and more. The pieces are dated 1989 when graffiti culture was at its height in New York City. The graffiti art of this period soon became an essential piece of the entire hip-hop culture that was developing at the time. These pieces remain relevant to design schemes today and are an important part of both New York history and style.

Before the solidification of hip-hop culture in urban settings, Jazz reigned and a hand signed lithograph by Dutch artist Willem De Kooning highlights such. The title “Thelonious Monk, Devil at the Keyboard” speaks for itself and offers a colorful interpretation of musical entrepreneurship.

Two additional colorful pieces to be sold at Clarke on November 17th include a Will Fowler abstract and an abstract by Ladislaw Sutnar. The Sutnar abstract is unique in the sense that he was primarily known for his graphic designs, especially his pop influences nudes. This early work precedes his most recognizable styles, making it interesting and important to his artistic catalog.

In the decorative art selection, a masterfully crafted bronze of a bull by Gladys Edgerly Bates will be presented at auction on November 17th at Clarke. The estate fresh piece is signed on the base together with a Gorham foundry mark. Bates is not typically known for her deco work, nor her bronzes, so this piece may even be one of a kind and extremely rare. The weathered patina is absolutely incredible and the entire piece is in excellent condition. The statue is quite large and draws in the viewer from any angle.

In-house previews for the November 17th, 2013 sale will be held on Friday, November 15th and Saturday, 16th from 12pm to 6pm. The sale will take place on Sunday November 17th at 12pm.  The full catalog is available 24/7 at www.clarkeny.com

Please contact the gallery via phone or email to register to bid.