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Dianne Watts Surrey First team abandoning Ship,Former Mayoral Candidate Vikram Bajwa

Surrey BC. Sonia Tate Mayor Dianne Watts, Surrey First councilors are increasingly getting impatient, as the general municipal election is coming closer, scheduled for Nov.15 this year. Recently news have been circulating in the media that Coun. Linda Hepner has been making the rounds asking community members if she could have their support in a mayoral run in this November civic election. Coun. Barinder Rasode is planning on re election in running with Surrey First as a councilor, since Mayor’s position is still occupied. Coun. Tom Gill has his options open, including support to one of his team members.

Coun. Bruce Hayne would like to supports Mayor Watts, while Coun.Judy Villeneuve is testing the waters. Coun. Mary Martin is still hopeful to comeback with Surrey First.

“Surrey’s track record on crime, economy and transparency, with questions on the new city hall, built for $ 150 Million dollars, failed Surrey Regional Economic Summits, since 2011 has the Surrey First team, looking to abandon the Mayor’s ship”, said former mayoral candidate Vikram Bajwa. Ever since Julia Paskall was brutally murdered in Newton, Mayor Watts and her team are looking for excuses, on their “failed crime strategy”, said Cindy Smith.

Surrey residents are closely watching the Toronto Mayor’s race, which has become exciting with former NDP Member Parliament Olivia Chow, challenging “crack Rob Ford”, in the hope Mayor Watts is replaced by someone who cares for Surrey as a multicultural City, with a “Ward System” and responsibilities shared between the RCMP and its citizens.

Former Surrey Mayor on condition on anonymity disclosed “Mayor Dianne Watts will continue to run unless she meets the fate of Former Mayor Doug McCallum”, this is just an exercise to feel the waters, before she announces her new Surrey First team. “She has lost the road to Provincial and Federal Politics, what other options does she have, she cannot go to Israel, Greece or Australia, for political Office, she lives and breathes Surrey Politics, which has has ruined for herself and her team”, said Sukh Dosanjh, member Liberal Party. Political Consultant from Toronto John Allen feels Surrey First team has lost the steam to Surrey crime and will be held accountable for Mayor Dianne Watts, actions, for the last 2 terms, making them vunerable in November Civic elections.