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Devyani Khobragade should be prosecuted as charged NRI’s, BJP Modi revenge on US.

New York  Cindy Jordan.  US India diplomatic relations, have been sabotaged by the Indian Foreign Services, in order to protect one of their Consul Mrs. Devyani Khobragade, who has been charged with violation Human Rights and US Immigration laws, concerning her nanny, Sangeeta Richard, also from New Delhi, India. India has transferred her to permanent U N Mission, in order to avoid the prosecution, pending clearance from the State Department.

CNN Political panelists are watching the events fold, with Politics played in India, by BJP PM Candidate Narendra Modi and Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi, in the run upto Lok Sabha (Indian Parliament) elections in May 2014.

Non Resident Indian and Indo-Americans are laughing, how the Indian Political campaign is being used to evade US Laws, being scrutinized by neighbor Pakistan on their Drone Attack, missions by US. Serving US Atorney Preet Bharara is limited for his political opinions, but NRI’s in New York have been very vocal and in favor of prosecution of Devyani Khobragde, due to the fact they are aware of such violations not by their Indian Diplomats, but other countries like Saudi Arabia, Peru, Russia, which has the attention of the US and Indian Media.

Human Rights lawyers have taken up the nanny side of being underpaid, with duplicate false filings, Ashok Sinha of FIIA, Shudh Singh of India Overseas Congress, are both on record, for other serious violations by India’s New York Diplomatic mission, concerning corruption, during their meeting with Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh.

BJP PM Candidate, Narendra Modi  who has been refused US Visa for the last 12 years, triggered Anti-US passions in India, forcing his political opponents, to stand on the same ground, with Rahul Gandhi and Speaker Meira Kumar, snubbing US Congressional delegation, much to the surprise of India Caucus, on capitol Hill. GOPIO member Ajay Patel , feels, when all this is said and done, IFS Diplomats, will be the “laughing stock”, here in US and in India.