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LIGHTNING RELEASES – MIAMI, Florida, – February 4th, 2014 – ViendoMovies premiers an array of movies in February originally produced in Spanish from Latin America and Spain. These award winning productions cover different genres that will surely have the audience on an emotional rollercoaster. The channel’s subscribers will enjoy dramas, thrillers and romantic comedies among other movies programmed during the month.

“Azul Oscuro Casi Negro” tells the twisted story of Jorge, a young man who tries to impress his childhood crush by bettering his life when his infertile brother asks him to impregnate his imprisoned girlfriend. The movie has received 22 awards, including 3 Goya’s for “Best New Director”, “Best Supporting Actor” and “Best New Actor”, and 11 nominations, including “Best Screenplay”, “Best Actress” and “Best Original Song”. Similarly, “La Casa de Enfrente” is a drama emphasizing the tragic and endless struggle between good and evil, between love and moral conventions of a declining society.

ViendoMovies selected laugh out loud comedies that will be sure to have you falling out the audience falling out of their seat.  “Isi & Disi: Alto Voltaje” is a comedy starring the popular actor Santiago Segura, as Isi, paying his respects to his deceased father by firing cannons with real ammunition which end up destroying a mausoleum. Isi receives a huge fine for the damages and the judge threatens to take the home his father left as an inheritance. Isi and his best friend Disi enter a local rock band competition to win prize money, pay the fine and save the house. “Mi Primera Boda” is a romantic comedy that will be sure to have the audience cracking up about the ever sacred “Big Day”. Jewish born Adrian and Catholic-born Leonora have reached their big day but Adrian spends the hours leading up to the matrimony postponing it, perhaps due to cold feet, he keeps clumsily losing their wedding rings. The hilarious Argentinian film received 6 nominations, including “Best Supporting Actor”, “Best Cinematography”, “Best Costume Design”, and “Best Music” from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences of Argentina, along with “Best Supporting Actor” and “Best Costume Design” from the Argentinean Film Critics Association Awards. “Pegado a Tu Almohada” is ViendoMovies’ other romantic comedy premiering in February, about a woman who has an extramarital affair with a ghost.

For the thriller, action and sports fans, ViendoMovies programs “Hermano”, a film about small town brothers who have to decide what’s more important: the union of family, the taste of revenge or the dream of their lives, and “Negro Buenos Aires”, a movie about an executive in a crisis during the Argentine Corralito racing against the clock. “Hermano” received 10 wins including “Best First Work”, “Special Jury Prize”, “Audience Award” and “Best Director” from multiple film festivals across the world such as Havana Film Festival and Lima Latin American Film Festival.

Adding this collection of films to ViendoMovies’ February programming showcases the company’s commitment to its mission; bringing their audience only the best originally produced Spanish language cinema from across Latin America. Don’t miss it; only available on ViendoMovies, the best channel for Spanish cinema! For a full programming schedule visit www.viendomovies.com.

ABOUT VIENDOMOVIES: ViendoMovies is a Pay TV channel that broadcasts contemporary Spanish-language films 24 hours a day with no commercial breaks, with a culturally relevant Premium on air look. ViendoMovies is produced in the

 USA for the US Hispanic and Puerto Rico markets and is part of SOMOSTV LLC. For more information please visit us at www.viendomovies.com and www.somostv.net