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CrowdCare raises additional $1 million forWysdom app deployment. Wysdom mobile app provides answers to a billion smartphone subscribers

Wysdom mobile app to provide answers to a billion smartphone subscribers

CrowdCare raises additional $1million for Wysdom app deployment

Subscribers now have somewhere to turn when they have questions about their smartphones

LIGHTNING RELEASES: TORONTO (1/27/2014) – CrowdCare, the inventors of simple app based tech support for smartphones, announced today that they have raised an additional $1million to launch the Wysdom beta app – the world’s first codified knowledge base to deliver answers to questions subscribers have about their smartphones. 

 Wysdom is based on CrowdCare’s patent pending technology, which uses data from a customer’s smartphone to add context to the subscriber’s search and deliver an answer based on all of the knowledge gathered to date. The CrowdCare database is adding new solutions and answers every day, improving the subscriber experience and virtually eliminating the need to search online or call service providers.

“Seeking simple answers to questions about your smartphone is now easier than ever before,” says Ian Collins, CEO of CrowdCare.  “We’re working with mobile operators around the world to launch a white labelled version of the CrowdCare service so their subscribers have somewhere to get quick, accurate answers, anytime, any place.”

Twenty two percent of people in the world now own a smartphone and they are generating billions of questions each year.  Most subscribers end up searching online and wading through endless forums filled with inaccurate information.  Approximately ten per cent of questions end up in service provider call centres where most tech support reps have been trained to divert callers to other sources for all but the most core service questions. Wysdom fills that void and provides real time, accurate answers to customers’ questions – right on their smartphone.

 “Today, smartphones are not only used by tech savvy early adopters,” says Jeff Brunet, President of CrowdCare, “A solution like CrowdCare is absolutely critical to avoid massive confusion.  When you take your car to the mechanic they don’t ask you to help diagnose the problem and give them a hand changing your oil – it shouldn’t be any different for Smartphones. By understanding exactly what is going on with your device and comparing it against a huge codified knowledgebase, CrowdCare takes all the manual troubleshooting away and removes the burden from the end user.”

Wysdom is available on most Android smartphones and is free for a limited time in the Google Play Store. The iOS version will be available soon. 

Visit us at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona and get a demo or contact sales@crowdcare.com.

(CrowdCare can be found at the Ontario Pavilion within the Canada Area, Stand 7.I51)

 About CrowdCare

CrowdCare Corporation builds solutions to make technology available and accessible to the world’s subscribers.  Their automated tech support platform can deliver extremely relevant answers within seconds to subscribers.  Founded in 2012 by serial entrepreneurs Ian Collins and Jeff Brunet, CrowdCare is positioned to help customers worldwide enjoy and make the most of the latest amazing technology.



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