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Creatures of the Covenant

Creatures of the Covenant

 Broken Covenant Series, Book 1


J.S. Bradford

Creatures of the Covenant is an action adventure e-novel published by SynergEbooks about the animal rights movement.  Deacon Tremont, our youthful hero, assisted by his girlfriend Clare and a burnt-out old hippie named Francis, establishes a no-kill sanctuary for animals in remote Utah.  The sanctuary becomes known within the animal rights movement as the Furball Hotel.

Captivated by the animal rights activists, an aging film star named Summer Hayes arrives on the scene to make a documentary which he hopes will revive his career. Hayes is joined by a hip financial investment consultant named Cameron Bay who has committed to financing the documentary.  Cameron’s true intent, however, is to set up a fund-raising scam and skim the proceeds.

To establish his leadership role in the animal rights movement, Deacon sets out to subvert the influence of the Institute for Dietary Freedom, a management conglomerate providing entrepreneurial assistance for fast food franchises worldwide, in the process adversely impacting consumers, and the environment, not to mention the animal world.

Deacon’s idealistic goals are betrayed by Cameron Bay, unwittingly assisted by Doctor Katrina, a former centerfold model who is a veterinarian for the sanctuary.

An explosion takes place at the Institute for Dietary Freedom where Deacon is embedded as an undercover management trainee. The Institute seeks to convince the authorities that the bomb was triggered by Deacon; but the bomb was actually planted by the Director of Security for the Institute, Major Derek DeBeers, in order to create a public backlash against the animal rights movement.

The bombing incident brings in the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, ultimately setting up an armed confrontation at the Furball Hotel. Deacon returns to the scene (he survived the bombing) to protect the animals of the sanctuary. A siege ensues which is captured on film by Summer Hayes who eventually receives an Oscar nomination for his cutting-edge documentary, The Ballad of the Furball Hotel.  Deacon receives immunity for prior misdemeanor violations, and is reunited with Clare. Together they turn the Furball Hotel into a successful base of operations on behalf of the animal rights movement.

Creatures of the Covenant is the first book in the Broken Covenant Series, followed by  Relics of the Covenant, a high adventure tale about the search for the grave of legendary Chief Crazy Horse, and Curse of the Covenant, the suspenseful story of the discovery of a  CIA data base containing evidence of clergy abuse. The Broken Covenant Series can be downloaded from http://www.synergebooks.com as well as other digital outlets including Kindle and Barnes & Noble.