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Com2uS Announces Preliminary Third Quarter 2013 Results

Com2uS Corporation reported its third quarter 2013 financial results today.

1.     FY 3Q’13 Financial Results

  • ® 3Q Revenue 16.1bn KRW (QoQ -21%, YoY -28%)
  • Operating Income 100mn KRW (QoQ -95%, YoY -98%), Net Income 1.2bn KRW (QoQ -62%, YoY -83%)

2.     FY 3Q’13 Business Highlights

1)     Revenue Composition I

  • Domestic mobile revenue 8.1bn KRW (QoQ -34%, YoY -42%)

– Lower than expected performance of new games and continuous revenue decline from existing games

  • ® Overseas mobile revenue 7.5bn KRW (QoQ +9%, YoY -6%)

– Continuous launching of new games to overseas market and stable sales from existing games (Golf Star, 9 Innings)

  • ® YTD Revenue 85.4bn KRW (YoY +10%)

– ‘Heroes War’ hit during the first half year

– Steady sales of ‘Golf Star’ from domestic and overseas market

2) Revenue Compostion II

  • ® Overall growth of sports genre games

– Successful launching of ‘Golf Star’: Target to become a steady seller

  • ® Strategy/RPG genre and SNG genre revenue decline due to ‘Tiny Farm’ and ‘Heroes War’ sales decrease

3) Operating Expenses

  • ® Service fee and marketing cost decrease from revenue decrease
  • Royalty cost increase due to licensed game sales increase
  • Labor cost increase due to increase in employee number
  • Service fee increase due to overall Kakao Talk revenue share increase

Financial Results

Revenue I

Revenue II

Operating Expenses