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Co-Owner – CheckmateUltraSecure

LIGHTNING RELEASES 03/02/14 – How many times have you had your credit card compromised? Left it somewhere, or lost it, and had your funds removed? Gone to any retail institution – Target is just the latest, and had your valuable information stolen from what you were informed was a secure transaction, or from a large scale data breach.

One in every ten Americans was the last projection, from the latest series of breache’s, to be impacted. Were you one of the one in ten? Are you tired of it? Yes, I understand these are questions to which there have been few – if any answers for, until now.

Over the last three years, and extensive research into the problems associated with all credit cards, including the newest ones on the European market, we at Checkmate Ultra Secure have developed a credit card which cannot be compromised, have its data breached, or have anyone other than you use it. Interested?

Visit www.checkmateultrasecure.com to read more, then contact your financial institution to inquire why they have not acquired the technology to make you safe. Share with them this website, www.checkmateultrasecure.com and tell them you are tired of their ineptness, and attitude when it comes to your privacy, money, and security. My contact information is on the site, and yes, this technology is for sale. Chris