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Claire Chen of BI Global Networks to be Featured on Close-Up Talk Radio

LIGHTNING RELEASES (02/03/14) -Long Beach, CA When assessing an organization’s performance, the easiest thing to quantify is money. As a result, many companies make decisions based solely on the bottom-line.

According to Claire Chen, this approach puts the cart before the horse. Chen is the founder of BI Global Networks, an information technology and management consulting firm specializing in data warehousing and Business Intelligence (BI). As a BI architect, Chen transforms raw data into useful information to help an organization identify and develop new opportunities.

My mission is to automate organization improvement through business intelligence,” explains Chen. “An organization that operates effectively and efficiently toward its ideal goal will naturally increase its profitability.”

Before BI, performance was measured solely by profits, revenue and margins. BI looks beyond financial measures toward operational improvement,
using the performance of an organization’s fundamental process to measure its success.

“A hospital should focus on saving people’s lives; a school should focus on teaching its students,”
says Chen. “Obviously what I’m proposing is somewhat idealistic, but the solutions I implement are self-empowering. Once you see it working, you do it even more.”

To develop a solution that yields cyclical improvement, Chen must align with a company’s strategic direction. Once she understands their process and workflow, she will implement a series of dashboards and portals
to help benchmark success. BI can measure the efficacy of an organization’s customer relations by gathering information on the number of customers who call and how long they’re kept them on the phone. If a business is a manufacturer, Chen can measure the performance of the production line. If a company is a service-oriented, BI can help employees work more efficiently.

Once a Juilliard-trained concert clarinetist, Chen chose instead to pursue a career in information technology and she’s never looked back. To date, Chen’s clients include the California State Lottery, the Port of Long Beach and Suzuki, among others. Each organization experienced a marked improvement in their operations through Chen’s BI solutions.

“As a musician on stage I could influence my audience, but it was only temporary,” says Chen. “With BI, I can still influence an audience, but the effect is more long-lasting and more objective. I’ve performed at Lincoln Center and Carnegie Hall with some of the best musicians in the world. Building data warehouse and business intelligence is certainly less glamorous, but I am giving people the tools to improve themselves for years to come.”

Close-Up Talk Radio will feature Claire Chen of
BI Global Networks in an interview with Doug Llewelyn on February 5th at 2pm.

Listen to the show
www.blogtalkradio.com/closeuptalkradio. If you have a question for our guest, call (347) 996-3389.