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“Restorer Now Sets Sights on New Restoration Projects and a Robust 2014 Intermountain Concours for Utah”

PRESS RELEASE: MURRAY, UT (10/14/2013)- Jon Andersen’s 1952 Hudson Hornet brings home Best of Show, Best in Class and a Director’s Award from a recent three-state event tour where the classic was on exhibit and judged by multiple expert panels against numerous impeccable vehicles. “We are very proud that our extensive restoration has won the acceptance of dozens of automotive experts and enthusiasts across Colorado, New Mexico, and California,” said Chris Purdum, Sole Proprietor of Customs & Classics Restoration in Murray, Utah.

John Waugh ©2013As Founder of the annual Intermountain Concours d’Elegance in Utah, Chris had a second mission when he set out for his multi-state, multi-event tour this summer. “I put the Intermountain Concours d’Elegance on hold this year for a reason. I have just participated in three driving tours, multiple dinner galas and receptions, a wings and wheels event, and formal Concours events. I’ve taken a hands-on look, not only from the entrant and spectator perspective, but more importantly as the Chairman of a Concours delivered in the state of Utah,” explains Purdum. “I have brought home many solid ideas on what a quality automotive event should be for the car realm and surrounding community, as well as what will attract car owners and enthusiasts from out of the area. It means a lot of hard work and not cutting corners. Sponsors and long-term partnerships will play a key role in delivering a world-class event here for years to come and I’m hoping Utah will get behind this in a big way.”

John Waugh ©2013

“As an entrant exhibiting a classic car, I got to see what visitors from other states expect when they are here in Utah for my full weekend of events. Each event needs to be creative, classy, fun, and convenient. I’ve talked with gentlemen who handle the transport of multi-million dollar cars and have seen the challenges they face when parking and maneuvering into and around a venue to load and unload these precious gems. I’ve asked car owners a lot of questions and have a lot of great feedback from those who routinely travel to as many as 5 Concours events each year across the United States to display cars from their collections. I feel better prepared to accommodate all of them now and my venues will need to do the same,” said Purdum.

John Waugh ©2013The 2014 Intermountain Concours d’Elegance will soon announce venues, features and a call for car entries. Coming off the highly-successful 2012 event, many collectors and car owners from Utah and across the country have already expressed interest in displaying cars next year. “The Intermountain Concours d’Elegance weekend of events will only get better and better through the years, attracting more and more people to Utah, and I’m ready for the excitement and challenge,” smiles Purdum.

Photo credit: John Waugh ©2013

About Customs & Classics

Based in Salt Lake County, Utah, Customs & Classics maintains a full automotive restoration facility catering to owners of American and European classic cars. Services range from preventative maintenance and event preparation to full restoration including everything from chassis and engine to paint and interior. In 2013 Customs & Classics celebrates 20 years servicing customers from around the country. In 2011, Chris Purdum launched the Inaugural Intermountain Concours d’Elegance in Utah to further cater to passionate classic car enthusiasts, and to put Utah on the map as a region rich in car culture.