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ChargerLeash: The Must-Have Accessory for Tech-Dependent Travelers. The Only “SMART” Charging/Sync Cable on the market!

LIGHTNING RELEASES: Ridgewood, New Jersey (1/30/2014)- A compelling new product in the world of portable electronics, the ChargerLeash is generating considerable buzz in traveler and technology circles.

ChargerLeash is a universal charging/syncing cable that incorporates an alarm system, reminding us to pack the charger when we’re on the go. Designed to make it easier than ever to stay connected, accessible and focused, it is the only product on the market that meets a major consumer need: a simple, seamless solution to the dreaded “forgotten charger.”

  “According to The New York Times, people are constantly leaving their chargers behind,” said Brian Tedesco, inventor of the ChargerLeash. “Then, they panic – because without a way to recharge their devices, their productivity and accessibility drops to zero. At the speed of life today, that’s just not an option.” 

Featured on gadget and technology blogs around the world, as well as local news programs (e.g. “Gifts for Travelers” by Colleen Kelly on WCIU Chicago), the ChargerLeash is capturing widespread attention as an economical solution to this pervasive and growing problem.


Retailing for less than the cost of a replacement charger, the ChargerLeash gives professionals, travelers and tech-dependent consumers an unprecedented sense of security. Compatible with any USB to micro, Apple 30-pin, Apple Lightning or multi-tip charging system, the ChargerLeash also includes an (Android or iPhone) app that silences the ChargerLeash at its “home” location.

The ChargerLeash is also building a reputation as an eco-friendly product. The GSM Association reports that the mobile phone industry produces between 51,000 and 82,000 tons of replacement chargers every year.  With cell phone chargers accounting for nearly 100,000 tons of e-waste annually (according to Popular Science), this product has the potential to significantly reduce the volume of toxins that seep into the soil and groundwater.

Patented and marketed by JSN Holdings, a U.S.-based technology solutions company, the ChargerLeash is a flagship product, reflecting JSN’s commitment to new innovations for the electronic age.

ChargerLeash is available for distribution and purchase through local, independent retailers of consumer electronics and accessories. For more information, please visit: www.chargerleash.com

Contact: Brian Tedesco
(201) 247-5838