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Cenique and Rise Vision Announce Android Based Pre-Configured Media Players

LIGHTNING RELEASES: Charlotte, NC (1/30/2014)-  Cenique, a developer of Android based solutions for retailers, and Rise Vision, a digital signage software company, are pleased to announce the availability of a new family of Android based pre-configured Media Players compatible with the Rise Platform.

Cenique specializes in Android based solutions designed specifically for the digital signage industry. With its small form factor, their C110 media player is now compatible with the Rise Vision Platform, providing one of the industry’s most cost-effective and powerful digital signage solutions on the market. Cenique is also the first to develop an Android based Audience Measurement tool, named IntelliSense. It delivers fully automated, real-time shopper insight and analytics at a fraction of the cost of current solutions. Using computer vision and anonymous human presence detection, IntelliSense counts impressions and duration of engagement while tracking the viewer’s gender, age range, time of day, and day of week and integrates this data with proof of play reports. This powerful addition allows for digital signage content to be customized and changed dynamically based on these viewer demographics creating “Context Aware Messaging”. Cenique’s President, Ron Levac, says “Over the last decade, Rise has evolved their free web-based content management product into one of the industry’s premier solutions. We are excited about introducing Cenique to their User Community. Our media players and new audience measurement tools, built on the Android operating system, create a solution that is both powerful and cost-effective for the Rise applications”. www.cenique.com

Ryan Cahoy, Rise Vision’s Managing Director, said “We are excited that Cenique leveraged our open source documentation to create a player that is optimized for their Android based media players.  The combination of our FREE Platform and their low cost devices will make an enterprise grade digital signage solution available to even the most cost conscious.” Rise Vision has been making software since 1992, with most of the past decade dedicated to developing extraordinary web services for digital signage. With nearly 25,000 accounts in over 100 countries around the world, Rise Vision makes it easy for organizations of all sizes to quickly set up a FREE account and start creating digital signage. . www.risevision.com

Cenique opened in the U.S. this past June with an existing presence in Hong Kong since April 2012. Visit Cenique at DSE in the Stampede-Global booth Feb 12-13. For more information, please contact Alisa Grasso, Director of Marketing at alisa.grasso@cenique.com