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Captain Susan Orsini of Military Sealift Command Returns to Close-Up Talk Radio

LIGHTNING RELEASES 04/01/14 –Incline Village, NV – When Navy ships at sea are in need supplies like fuel, those supplies are delivered by a vessel from Military Sealift Command.

Captain Susan Orsini is a 25-year veteran of the Merchant Marine and the second female master in the history of Military Sealift Command. Military Sealift Command is the leading provider of ocean transportation for the Navy and the rest of the Department of Defense, operating over 100 ships daily around the globe.

“We’re the logistics force,” says Captain Orsini. “Wherever the Navy is, that’s where we are. We contribute a lot and we’re not known, that’s why they call us the Invisible Service.”

No shipping outfit can offer the variety of vessels offered by Military Sealift Command – tugboats, salvage ships, ammunition ships, hospital ships or multi-purpose vessels – each vessel has its own unique function within the fleet. And because mariners who work for MSC are working for the Department of the Navy, they can earn the same recognition their Navy brothers receive, including medals for service and even medals for supporting the global war on terrorism.

“We are doing something important, “says Captain Orsini. “When you’re able to provide aid to people in Indonesia after a tsunami or help clear a harbor in Hiroshima after an earthquake, that’s satisfying. Wherever we go, we make a contribution to ensure our troops have what they need. It’s very gratifying and you won’t find that in commercial fleet.”

It’s easy to feel isolated on a ship even though you’re surrounded by so many people. It’s easy to feel underappreciated. That’s why Captain Orsini takes crew morale very seriously.

“Mariners are loyal and incredibly generous so I’m most proud of being able to take care of the people who work for me,” says Orsini. “If I take care of all my M’s – money, meals and mail – we’re going to do OK. I care about performing our mission successfully and I’m a firm believer in teamwork. I’m proud of the ship and I want to build other people’s pride in the ship.”

Close-Up Talk Radio will feature Captain Susan Orsini in a four-part series with Jim Masters on April 3rd, April 10th, April 17th, and April 24th at 7pm EST.

Listen to the show www.blogtalkradio.com/closeuptalkradio. If you have a question for our guest, call (347) 996-3389.

To learn more about Military Sealift Command, visit http://www.msc.navy.mil/