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Canada Law Minister Peter Mckay, India’s Kapil Sibal institute joint “Curb Drugs” Policy Vikram Bajwa

Surrey BC. Canada. Nina Sidhu. Recently NDP Caucus led by MLA’s Adrian Dix, Harry Bains, Sue Hammell and Bruce Ralston, announced to hold a Public Forum on the Crime and drugs issues facing Surrey B.C., seeking Provincial and Federal cooperation, since Surrey racked up 25 murders in 2013, which according to RCMP 18 were related to drug gangs. Residents held meetings after Panorama Ridge street bodies and Surrey hockey mom  Julie Paskall, in Newton decrying a lack of police protection and adequate city resources to ensure they are safe in “neglected” city zones.

Arjuna Award winner Punjabi Wrestler and Kabbadi Player Jagdish Bhola’s arrest in $ 120 Million ( Rs. 7000 Crores) drug racket in Punjab, has Surrey,  Calgary,Toronto on the radar of Interpol, Canada RCMP and India’s CBI, with Punjab Police initiating the initial investigations linking the drug route from Punjab to Canada, with Jagdish Bhola naming Indo-Canadians Anoop SIngh Kahlon, Dara Singh Mathoda, others , who are Canadian citizens of India origin. Punjab Police SSP Patiala Hardial Singh Mann revealed in his investigation that  “drug money and Dollars”, were used in Political funding in India and Canada. Punjab Police has arrested over 300 NRI’s of which the majority numbers are Indo-Canadians, who possess Permanent Resident Cards or are Citizens of Canada.

Surrey residents are very concerned about their safety and curb drugs in youth, held a breakfast meeting in Newton Library, today attended by 120 residents who wish to request Justice and Law Minister Peter McKay and India’s Law Minister Kapil Sibal, to form a “Joint working Group”, between Canada and India, to find ways to tackle this serious issue, effecting the city of Surrey. Former Mayoral Candidate and Indian Overseas Congress, president Vikram Bajwa, has written both to Peter Mckay and Kapil Sibal to initiate the needed for this “JWG”, with the assistance of RCMP, Punjab Police and CBI. “Surrey Mayor Watts has limited resources to tackle the cities growth, we need to involve the Federal Government into this increased menace of violence and drugs in Surrey “said  Stephanie Campbell.

Former Surrey Councilor candidate Joe Gill, put the onus on the present Mayor Watts and her Councilors for not acting in time to request Provincial and Federal Help, in the issues at hand, while ignoring the Low income and Immigrant residing “wards”, in the city. Concerned resident and Tax Payer John Higgins, made calls for the Mayor to Institute ‘Ward System”, in Surrey B.C., with a Local Surrey Police Department, to live up to its name of “Future Lives in Surrey”.

 Mayor and municipal elections in Surrey are slated for November 2014, with polls predicting NDP supported candidates, to replace the present Mayor and Councilors.