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Britain’s “High Risk” visa charges “Racial”-Indian Overseas Congress

London: Indian Overseas Congress, executive visiting England and Spain, were troubled to hear “Britain’s Home Office”, policy to implement a “High Risk” visa fees of $ 4,350.00 USD, for individuals applying for Visitor’s visa to England. The refundable bond which is due from residents of Nigeria, Ghana, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka, is a “Racial” policy, since it implies the race, religion and color of the people of these 6 Nations. IOC President Vikram Bajwa compares this to the “Head Tax” of Chinese into Canada and it “reminds us of when Mohan Das Gandhi was thrown out of the train in S.Africa, on the basis of color”. Gen.Secretary Sunil Malhotra urges Indian Overseas Congress (England) President Daljit Sahota and Sikh Council of England, to protest this policy in front of the Prime Minister’s residence 10 Downing Street, on August 16th.

IOC (USA) delegate member Simran Kaur, who is here to congratulate the Royals on “Prince George’s”, birth is determined to take up the matter with Prince Charles, the new Grandfather. IOC has written to AICC President Mrs. Sonia Gandhi and Minister of External Affairs Sh. Salman Khurshid to lodge a protest with Britain’s Foreign Secretary, on the matter, which not only deters, visitors to England, but reminds the Commonwealth countries, of the Royal Racial policy of rule, in the earlier century, in these six Nations.