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Brine Books Publishing Announces the Release of #EuroMaidan: Rising for Freedom and Democracy in Ukraine

LIGHTNING RELEASES (2/10/2014) – Brine Books Publishing is pleased to announce the #EuroMaidan: Rising for Freedom and Democracy in Ukraine, hitting bookstores everywhere on 2/03/14

#EuroMaidan is a book that gives you a photo centric view point on this popular uprising against an oppressive regime. The first of its kind on the market it beholds over 200 photographs of numerous photo journalists from Kyiv, Ukraine and beyond capturing the events from the very beginning of the uprisings. 

These photographs capture the beauty of this important event, along with the humorous and creative nature of these people; most importantly, it reveals the terrifying and sad events that prompted them to push even harder.

The corruption, their wish for freedom, and the need for a people’s government is revealed as the reason Ukrainians rise up. It is why they continue to fight and what they are willing to die for.

It is in our wish to show you the humanity of the people so as to help everyone see that those standing up are just regular people. They aren’t extremists but simply people pushed into extreme times.

In 2013 alone, Ukraine ranked 144 out of 177 countries in the corruption index by Transparency International.

We hope to help fund change this so that Ukrainians can live in a safer and better society. 

The paperback is priced $29.99 but is reduced throughout many sites. Amazon.com right now lists it for $22.28. 

The E-Book is going for $9.99 and is available on the Kindle, iPad, Kobo, Nook, and soon more devices will be available as well. You can get more information here

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