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BOOK LAUNCH: Write Tight, EditTough® Your job depends on it.

PRESS RELEASE (12/2/2013)– WriteTight, EditTough® Your job depends on it, a short guide to even shorter business writing, launched December 1, 2013 on Amazon. Its award-winning* author maintains that just six essentials are  “all anyone needs” to write lean, muscular business copy that gets to the point fast.

Joan Kufrin, a retired director of corporate communications for the Leo Burnett Company, says she wrote the guide for two reasons: as a response to the steady, documented decline of the writing abilities of U.S. employees over the past decade,** and to relieve burnout from reading too many word-packed mega-paragraphs masquerading as thought.

The six essentials in this 72-page, easy-to-understand guide worked consistently throughout her own 25-year writing career, Kufrin says.  She’s confident they’ll do the same for today’s business writers who daily must “transform the complex, the minute, the mundane and sometimes the boring, into concise, compelling, readable copy that rivets a reader’s attention from start to finish.”

*Kufrin has received International Association of Business Communicators Gold Quills, National Addy Gold and Art Direction Magazine Creativity awards.  Advance flipbook review copies of the book are available to read online through December 15.  Please contact info@writetightedittough.com  to do so. 

**2012  American Management Association Critical Skills Survey of 768 business executives

2009  “Global Talent Crisis,” by Edward Gordon, The Futurist, September/October 2009 

2004  College Board’s National Commission on Writing Survey of 120 Business Roundtable corporations


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