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Ben Tankard – Thicker Than Water Posts 14 Million Viewers for Bravo TV. Second Season Chatter?

Second season chatter ?

LIGHTNING RELEASES (1/9/2014) – Last Sunday, Bravo earned it’s highest rated night EVER in network history. Some of the credit for that success is owed to the Season 1 finale of Bravo’s new series Thicker Than Water, which earned season-high ratings with 2.3 million total viewers. This helped push the freshman series to almost 14 million total viewers on the season, a record for Bravo Media. To put these numbers in perspective, Thicker Than Water beat out Season 1 of Vanderpump Rules, Married To Medicine, Newlyweds: The First Year and Below Deck. All of which were picked up for second seasons. Heck, 1.8 million total viewers is about the same as what The Real Housewives of Orange County Season 8 averaged. So, will Thicker Than Water be greenlit for a second season? I’d say a slam dunk without a doubt!!!

Granted, some of Thicker Than Water’s success is due to it’s prime Sunday night slot with The Real Housewives of Atlanta as a lead-in, but I think there was most definitely some really good entertaining stuff going on there in the Tankard ” Palace “. I have to say that I was sold on the Tankards pretty much from episode 1. To me, they brought just the right mix of likeability and controversy. Jewel hosting her Millionairess book club meetings and repeating affirmations about growing her net worth into the mirror every morning was just zany enough to be endearing. Ben, who is a former pro basketball player turned millionaire Grammy nominated GospelJazz music legend and volunteer senior Pastor, preaching about how God wants everyone in his church to be rich ruffled a lot of feathers but then we see him put his money where his mouth is by handing out $100 bills to members of his congregation as an illustration of why God wants us all wealthy. He has given away several vehicles in his community and his philanthropy extends off screen with partnerships with several charities including St.Jude Children’s Hospital. Come on, how many times do you get to see a black pilot fly his own airplane on TV? The Tankards inspired us to dream again.

All of the “kids” were entertaining in their own ways too as they navigate through sibling spats while working to develop business ventures so they could afford to move out of the “big house of rules”. With 5 children, two daughter-in-laws, one grandchild and a housekeeper (oops, I mean house manager ), what really shone through the season overall was how much love all of those Tankards really seem to have for each other. Sure, they work hard and are all about being successful, but it’s impressive to see how well they’ve blended their two families with the boldness to allow us to watch as they try to figure it all out : the good, the bad, and the ugly. Fans on twitter applauded Bravo for highlighting a wealthy African American family in a good light with a responsible father figure. ‘Thicker’ has been called everything good from The Black Brady Bunch to The Cosbys of Reality TV.

So, overall it’s a safe bet that we’ll be seeing more of the Tankards in Season 2 of Thicker Than Water. Per usual, the networks always will remain tightlipped until they make their own announcements, but I would say Bravo / NBC Universal has a winner for many seasons to come with Ben Tankard and his ” mass choir “. Can I get an Amen ?

Jason Smithwall

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