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Ben Kniskern announces the release of the first book in a Biblical Trilogy “The Vineyard Fray”

LIGHTNING RELEASES (1/13/2013) – Ben Kniskern is proud to announce The Vineyard Fray, hitting bookstores and online booksellers everywhere on 12/06/2013 and is also available through book distributors Spring Arbor/Ingram with 40% discount and lifetime return.

The Vineyard Fray shadows history as it envisions the consequences that individuals must face who live in a nation that turns it’s back on the One who created them. The Vineyard Fray is the first book in the exciting, historical allegory trilogy based on the parable of Jesus Christ found in Mark 12:1-12, that is sure to keep you turning the pages for more.

Readers will follow an unlikely group of heroes as they encounter mysterious messengers, contend with ruthless, evil leaders, and fight to regain control of their kingdom and turn the hearts of their people back to the One who created them.

In addition to the Vineyard Fray series, Ben Kniskern is also the author of two non fiction books; Which God Should I Choose? and “Should I Get My Baby Baptized?. Both of these books are also designed to heighten the reader’s spiritual awareness and strengthen their walk with the God who created them.

Kniskern explains, “although “The Vineyard Fray” is set in biblical times and based on a 2,000 year old parable, it may appear, at least to some, strangely coincidental that we ourselves also live in a land that once prospered, but now is struggling. The Vineyard decided to rebel against the Owner of all things and suffered dearly for it. Could it be that our nation is being punished for the very same reason?”

“The Owner’s Son” which is the second book in this biblical allegory trilogy is due out in the summer of 2014.

Over the past eighteen years, Ben has ministered in the lives of many individuals ranging from children to adults.

He has spent time as a Christian school teacher, Word of Life Clubs teen leader, church guest speaker, teen and adult Sunday school teacher, T&T Leader in AWANA Clubs, and, since 2001, has been a summer volunteer at the Word of Life Family Campground in Pottersville, New York.

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