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BC Premier Christy Clark, cancelled Fall Legislature,linked to RCMP, “Ethnichgate”, MLA’s Refund Salary.

Victoria BC: Christy Leyne. The BC Legislature sat 36 days this year, the fewest number of session days in a year since 2001, when MLAs also sat for 36 days. MLAs sat for only 44 days in 1991, while fleecing the BC Taxpayers and the Government, on an average of $ 80,000, per month for each MLA, elected in British Columbia.

B C Legislature By-Laws, need to be revamped, so it is accountable to people, who elected a majority Government and not be a mere “Private Corporation”, of the Premier. Christy Clark said her Government will forgo an “optional”, fall sitting of the Legislature to focus on a “robust Spring”, session, a reasoning refuted by NDP and majority of the Voters in British Columbia, including Liberal Party members.

Adrian Dix, Opposition Leader NDP calls it an act of hiding “accountability”, John Horgan states it as an abdication of responsibility, but with no legal recourse to have the Liberals, force a Fall session, deprived in the Legislature By-Laws. No Province in any country or State in United States, have such relaxed laws for the elected Officials, who continue to draw large Salaries, benefits, pensions, by merely working for a Month in the 12 month period.

RCMP Investigation, initiated with the appointment of a Special Prosecutor, into the Ethnic Outreach Strategy, seems to be the only reason to cancel the Fall Session of B.C. Legislature, said Former Surrey Mayoral Candidate Vikram Bajwa. Adrian Dix, letter to RCMP has forced the Premier for a Shut down of the Session, as more questions can be asked, on the Liberals, Ehtnicgate, scandal, which diverted Millions, including and not limited to the Times of India Awards, at the BC Taxpayers cost of $ 12 Million dollars.

Unnamed Liberal sources are of the opinion, RCMP Investigation, holds the key for the Spring Session, which may be called off, after the findings of the Ethnic Outreach Strategy, linking the Premier, her Staff and her Office. UBC Law student Julie Huang is exploring the options,including a “Petition”, so MLA’s refund their 11 Month Salaries, back to the Government.

BC Taxpayers pay $ 70 Million a year to operate Victoria for MLA’s, with a record wastage of $ 65 Million dollars, by the Premier’s call to cancel Fall Session.