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BannerPlay’s 1-click Ad-App is the #1 ranking app on Etsy.com App Market

BannerPlay Ad-App helps Etsy sellers drive traffic to their shops by promoting their items across the World Wide Web.

LIGHTNING RELEASES: Haifa, Israel (12/12/2013) – BannerPlay, a leading provider of advertising technologies for small and medium businesses, has reached the #1 most popular app on the Etsy App Market in just two weeks since its release. With the newest BannerPlay Ad-App, Etsy sellers now have the ability to promote products outside of the Etsy marketplace.

The innovative app offers more than 900,000 Etsy shops, the ability to create a full campaign including, creative banner, media planning and advanced analytics tools in literally 1 click.

The BannerPlay Ad-App automatically retrieves the items available from the specific Esty shop, creates a stunning set of banners to promote these products.

Shop owner’s only need to select a product to promote, and choose a media plan, which are running from as low as $1 per day! A set of banners in different sizes, all customized to promote the specific product, will be displayed in thousands of premium publisher’s websites.

In order to simplify the process of advertising, the campaign’s targeting is done automatically according to the shop’s shipping locations, and the keywords describing the promoted product.

The BannerPlay 1-click Ad-App effectively reaches millions of people across the web and mobile, who could be interested in buying all things handmade, vintage and supplies. Furthermore, the revolutionary Ad-App enables Etsy shop owners to reach a whole new world of potential cliental, so far unfamiliar with the advancing sphere of e-commerce.

“The Etsy Ad-App was designed in order to answer the most common question asked by Etsy sellers: ‘How can I promote my products?’ “Says BannerPlay founder and CEO, Rafi Ton “Our main goal is to make advertising as easy as possible, while delivering professional banner ads, designed to get Etsy shops noticed!”

Check out BannerPlay’s 1-click promotion Ad-App on Etsy and take us for a test drive with your on-line shop!

About BannerPlay

Bannerplay is an end-to-end display advertising service focused on effective advertising technologies for small and medium size businesses. The BannerPlay service gives advertisers a chance to build and control an entire campaign with any budget they have giving SMBs a chance to stand out and shine in the crowded world of online advertising.

Check our service at http://www.bannerplay.com