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Automated Cloud Storage Provisioning made flexible and easy to manage with MPSTOR ORKESTRATM-SAM

Automated Cloud Storage Provisioning made flexible and easy to manage with MPSTOR

ORKESTRATM-SAM Latest Version Now Available


PRESS RELEASE: (September30th, 2013) MPSTOR today released the latest version of its popular open-platform unified block and file storage management software, Orkestra™-SAM.  

Orkestra™-SAM provides datacenter operators, storage integrators and OEMs a platform to build flexible, enterprise class storage systems for a wide range of vertical storage and cloud markets.

With its unique universal provider plugin and provisioning tools, Orkestra-SAM manages any storage provider from solid state and hard disk drives to complete 3rd party storage arrays. Orkestra exports storage volumes to datacenter consumers in block, file or object format across iSCSI, Fibre Channel and SAS fabrics.  

Orkestra™-SAM is an open-platform software product, which turns a commodity server chassis into a full featured, high value, data storage array” says William Oppermann, founder, MPSTOR. “By supporting a wide range of fabrics and media types Orkestra-SAM can be configured for a range of applications such as IO intensive applications, cloud IaaS frameworks and data center archiving”

Orkestra™-SAM V3.20 can be downloaded from the MPSTOR website for quick and easy integration with a wide range of hardware platforms. Orkestra-SAM has a unique pricing model based on managed devices rather than capacity.

“Service providers increase profit by providing their customers a storage solution with the correct SLA at the right price. Using high end SSD devices where required or low cost SATA disk for backup applications, Orkestra™-SAM does exactly that,” said Mo Hassine, Product Manager at MPSTOR. “When combined with Orkestra™-SDS, MPSTOR’s software defined storage product for OpenStack, datacenters can build differentiated cloud and storage solutions to fit a range of business needs.”


Founded in 2006 in Cork, Ireland, MPSTOR is backed by venture capital and private investors. Now a dynamic and expanding company with offices in both Ireland and the US, MPSTOR has won a number of innovation awards with their cloud infrastructure software.


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Further details: info@mpstor.com