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Author Velma Trayham and CEO of Star Making Consulting Firm Releasing New Book “After The Pivot “Debuts March 25th on Amazon.com

LIGHTNING RELEASES: HOUSTON (3/22/2014) – “After the Pivot; Real Advice On How to Survive A Business Pivot and Make Money” debuts on Amazon.com and Kindle Tuesday, March 25th of 2014.

Velma “Coco the CEO” Trayham’s second business book is coming to Amazon and Kindle. The book, titled “After the Pivot; Real Advice on How to Survive A Business Pivot and Make Money”, describes what happens after a pivot.  Ms. Trayham talks about the history of a pivot and why Oprah, Starbucks and PayPal reinvented their brands based on the concept. Additionally, Trayham encourages readers to ask themselves a series of hard questions, which she provides in the book, to explore if a pivot is even appropriate for their situation.

“I can’t wait for this book to come out. We are in Galleys right now, but I am expecting an even bigger readership without the final media tally this Tuesday. I am giving away 2000 copies to entrepreneur’s on  my mailings list. People may join my mailing list by going to my website www.Velmacocotrayham.com . People don’t know what to do after a pivot. I explain in clear and simple terms. When failure isn’t an option, my book is available as a guide,” exclaimed Ms. Trayham.

“After the Pivot; Real Advice On How to Survive A Business Pivot and Make Money” will be featured on Amazon.com’s Look Inside program. The book has been sent to the top 100 Book Review Editors in the country. “My books are composed to help people. When I started my company, I didn’t have help. I had long, sometimes overly wordy, books to rely upon. All I wanted was honesty and a concise explanation. I didn’t have time to read two to three hundred pages on a subject. My book caters to the busy professional’s schedule,” finished Trayham.

Interview requests with author and business owner Velma “Coco the CEO” Trayham are currently being accepted.